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Missing Associated Platforms


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I'm trying to set up RetroArch and I have been following the tutorial (1) up to about 5:20 when it goes "associated platforms." I want to emulate PlayStation 1 games but the emulator "Beetle PSX HW" doesn't seem to be on the list of associated platforms.

I tried adding a platform by adding "Playstation 1" under [Associated Platfroms] and choosing the file in the Cores folder for [Core] but I don't know what the [Extra Command-Line Parameters] are supposed to be. I assume the [Default Emulator] box should be checked although I hear different PS emulators have different advantages for different games so I might want more than one. Also what is M3U and do I want to check it?



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You are on the right track. Depending on what version of LaunchBox you are on, the platform name should be a dropdown where you can select your Sony PlayStation platform, and core should also be a dropdown where you can select the matching core. You don't need to add any extra command-line parameters, what's shown in the video was replaced with the 'core' column (Don't forget the PS1 does require BIOS files to function).

M3U will auto create m3u files for your multi-disc systems (like PlayStation) to make it easier to swap Discs.


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OK, I got Retroarch set up by itself (with bios files) and I got it set up in Launchbox. I have the game loaded into Launchbox, with the .cue file selected automatically, but the game doesn't start in launchbox. I have to select it through Retroarch.

Is there a way to get the game to launch from Launchbox?

EDIT: you were right that I didn't need to add the command line, or do I

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Simplify your life. Google and YouTube "chdman psx". It takes those bin and cue files and converts/compresses them into a chd file (you'll save a bunch of space if that's an issue). Think of it like FLAC compression but for data. Most emulators have been updated to support chd files. There are also bat files to run the chd conversion command to simplify the process.

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9 minutes ago, starfiretbt said:

I got it working, I downloaded the "Duckstation" PS1 emulator for Retroarch, LaunchBox recognizes that. I don't know if it's because LaunchBox doesn't recognize Beetle or if I didn't enter it right in the "associated plateforms" but "Beetle" just didn't work for LaunchBox for me.

Beetle cores are actually called Mednafen, it's only Beetle in the Retroarch UI. They work fine, but Duckstation is a good choice also.

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