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issue with game name overlapping images in Big-box.


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So i have an issue with the text of the game name overlapping the bottom of my images in the top left corner of the screen, It looks like this.


Is there any way to lower this section of game description (Including the name of the game), A bit further down so it does not interfere with the bottom of the image/Images.

I would prefer having a screenshot of the game title and another screenshot of the gameplay next to it, Also for some reason i can't remove the image above it which is the clear logo that is shown on the game wheel. If i remove that logo i also remove the logo on the game wheel (I'm using the "Futurestateneondeluxe" theme), I have the screenshots and the clear logos in their respective folders.

It would be very convenient as there is plenty of space below for the text section, I also tried to shrink the size of the images and then adding them back in their folders, But i guess that big-box have a default size it goes with.

I will certainly never perfect my setup in my life-time 😋

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27 minutes ago, ModerateNOOB said:

So it is a difficult task to alter the code?, Do i have to edit the Xml in the metadata folder or something similar?.

Im pleased if i can just lower the text a bit.

Not really. Should be able to just add a margin to that TextBLoxk or StackPanel depending on how the code was written. 16:9 though should not be an issue as that is likely was the theme was coded display wise. Do you have your scaling larger than 100%? That might be causing the issue.

What view are you using in the theme? (>BigBox Settings >Options >Views and what view is showing in the Game List View section?

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Oh yeah!, forgot to mention that i cranked up the scaling to 250% under display setting in windows 10, Even the recommended  150% scaling is a terrible viewing experience with a 3840x2160 resolution, Unless you possess some kind of supervision.

I'm using glasses, And simply needs it too be 250% to have a pleasant experience (Using the magnifier a lot).

I'm using the platform wheel 3, And the vertical wheel 3 on the Futurestateneondeluxe theme.

So what spell do i need to cast to make that Textbloxk or stackpanel behave.

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I would think if you find the line for "Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Title}" it may be within a "DockPanel" and there should be a "Margin" listed. You may be able to adjust that margin. It will likely have 4 numbers. Looks something like Margin="0,15,0,10" (those are just random numbers I entered). The numbers are for Left, Top, Right, Bottom respectively. So adjusting the Top (2nd number in the code) might alter it. Keep it mind it couold also affect items below it. The game metadata if not in the same DockPanel may be in another dockPanel. So it will be trial and error. 

Honestly though I am not 100% sure as I do not know if that will affect it as much with your display set to 250%. I will tag @faeran as he has way more coding knowledge/skills than me.

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If I had to make an educated guess, this would definitely be related to your Windows text scaling options. I haven't checked, but the new version of Neon Deluxe Arcade was created in the COMMUNITY Theme Creator which has plugins to make sure things are positioned properly and text sizes are adaptive. Are you using an older version of this theme maybe?


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