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issues with themes


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Hi, I recently purchased launchbox premium but when I go with custom themes they don’t work properly as the theme was still default & nothing seemed to have changed please help me fix this because I really like the service & don’t want to issue a refund

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Adding onto @C-Beats request and focusing on the forum downloads I would say make sure you extracted the them from the zip and it is in the correct folder location. All forum themes you be unzipped and located:

\LaunchBox\Themes\[Theme Name]\(contents of the theme)

If you can provide an image of the content of the themes internal folder (make sure we can see the folder path as well). This will help us eliminate it being a file/location error.

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Filing looks correct.

How are you changing themes in BigBox? Are you changing in the settings area or using a button/key to change live while you are in the game or platforms view?

I would recommend mapping a key/button to the option for "Switch Theme" this way you can be in the platform or game list and change the theme in real time to see the change. Also map for the option of "Switch View" as each theme has certain views the theme creator designed.

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22 hours ago, gamerimp said:

Hi sorry for the late reply. These are the screenshots from big box with the themes enable from the screenshot i saw arcade cabinets & that to show the games videos & all that. I do not know if this is what the coin ops theme looks like.


Desktop Image 27-04-2022 22-20-18-741.png

It should definitely have a different look than the default theme. I'm curious to know what your Big Box settings. Are you able to take a screenshot of the View page, in Big Box's Options > View.

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