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Can't connect to emumovies

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Hi, after updating to 12.11, Launchbox passes the emumovies connection test but can't fine any media (game was not found) during scraping multiple games and reports it can't connect with emumovies if searching individual game medias.


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Practically all platforms, from arcade of all types to all consoles (from atari 2600 to gamecube etc), computers (msx, c64, commodore amiga, etc), handhelds....
I have practically all platforms of all kind and I have tested all.

The problems started with version 12.11, previsously I had 12.9 and there were no problems (except the very slow emumuvies scraping and downloading).

This happens only with emumovies, normal scraping works as before. 

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10 minutes ago, luciovianello said:

Default and custom names, both with this problem.

WOW... now all is working... tested last time few hours ago..nothing..... NOW ALL IS WORKING!!!   🙂

Are there some changes in emumovies server?


Nothing changed from our end or on the EmuMovies servers, so most likely it was just some kind of hiccup between your location and the server on the Internet. Not sure what else might have been happening. We've had many, many people downloading successfully, so I don't really get it.

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32 minutes ago, dammit2hell said:

Same issue for me. I can log in just fine through the website but LB tells me the  info is wrong. Changed my password to something with no "special characters" as I read in another post and test still fails. What gives?

There are no known issues with EmuMovies or EmuMovies logins. Just confirmed that everything is working fine from our end. What version of LaunchBox are you using?

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