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Zelda Ultima The Stand alone Big Box Custom


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Zelda Ultima The Stand alone Big Box Custom

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A small patch related to untranslated elements in the backgrounds will arrive very soon! .

For the game metadata it seems to me that there were 2 or 3 omissions do not hesitate to edit when you can.


Welcome to you, young adventurer!

This virtual collection is an ode to zelda fans! A series that was particularly close to my heart and to which I paid tribute by covering the entire saga in 2019,

even going so far as to completely recreate certain intros from the time.
Hyrule and me, it's an old love story. I used them, Pegasus or lead boots, in the kingdom of the three goddesses!

Always rummaging here and there, looking for a hidden chest, a missing piece of heart, or just a cave to explore, for the simple pleasure of discovery.

The Legend of Zelda is, in my eyes, the very definition of "video game". Despite its faults, its limits, and the general evolution of the video game sector,

the series retains an incredible charm that regularly pushes me to start over this or that episode.
It's a bit like the TriForce and its heroes, the license seems cut off from time and any form of reality.

It doesn't matter that open-worlds are always more complex, that action/adventure games and A-RPGs feature better-written people.

They don't have the trick. The thing that for 30 years, all generations find themselves waiting impatiently for the next episode, with excitement
My favorite episode?

Undoubtedly Link's Awakening, an incredible marvel full of surprises and poetry.
I hope you will enjoy browsing through this collection as much as I enjoyed making it.

May the series continue to amaze us even more, in the same way that it has succeeded so far!

Good visit !



The story.

Zelda Ultima 1st version was just a simple playlist!

Started in 2019 with a series of themes quickly I felt a little cramped: I had a ton of media that I couldn't exploit, so I diverted the launchbox

from its usual mechanism to dedicated it to my fetish series,

so it's a completely complete and independent big box, all you have to do is integrate your roms / your paths.


Here are some points to keep in mind:

It's a stand alone, (a whole big box dedicated to Zelda)

*Everything is localized in English ! ( with a few exceptions)

*I advise you, once downloaded, to immediately force the cache at the image level!

The theme will then be optimized to the maximum and you will avoid pixelated wheels/icons)

*In terms of controls:

 R3 (so the right stick of the controller) will become your friend since you will see that you will navigate a lot between views, using the V keyboard to change views.

* The addition of a timeline: I would have done the whole timeline but time was against me. So I contented myself with the gametrailer timeline (made 16 years ago!) that I reassembled and adapted to the interface.

* Additions Made fans + their dedicated theme and icons, here you go with: solarus and parallel worlds which was shouted out for;)

*2 view new views for the main menu see 3 if we count the full screen

*2 New pre-launch view including one inspired by pegasus (the frontend) and "the poch" the faeran theme.

*I have included 3 slots for for launch the playable demos of the "Ocarina of time remake "projects in the hidden chest sections with gameplay video!

Here the link ( public demo)

Aaran : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dubg4qxc66cel/ZeldaUnreal

CryZenX https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqa1ZKM0pUZ3cwUmNxNWFLdi1oX1pSN0tvdDJ4d3xBQ3Jtc0tsdXJFd3BENDNHRWcyLTFkSXpfbUQ0ZXJyMzA0R2VzWUR0cTBLNHNBcFcxY0hOc3lTUkd3NFV6WUg1bWpGc0ZzVmxzbF9qVlRVNjk1NFRZQy1VRGo2aWluRy1uMnltZGJPbDNGVUdoRWN6VDVMc1VvQQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fmega.nz%2F%23!ORtgTSgC!qdlRpB0jijsXbTEUpgvHP7sWuEj6kAdr0TsfLoTea8U&v=3IipB2oWmw8

Yiannis papazis : Here

*Remember to install the fonts in the font launchbox folder!

*A bunch of short films are waiting for you in the hidden chest section :) Approuved By RWANLINK


19gb ?!

32 unzip! :)
Why such a weight?
All the backgrounds are animated by hand with a simple key or a blade of grass everything moves!

So it's a lot of video but for me it was necessary and it contributes greatly to the general atmosphere of this box.
-Part of the backgrounds were created via cinema 4d which I then animated
-I integrated bonus music sections, artist short films and youtubers my approach was resolutely to highlight these shadow artists!


-A launch theme is integrated (thanks to faeran for the help)

-I created and integrated a sound pack it was essential.


Patch me in 4k ! What?

Many themes are set to accommodate the henriko magnifico 4k patches!

Henriko has been patching many nintendo games for almost 7 years!
And the work is pretty crazy since it's not content to simply upscale, it replaces and retextures all the big titles of nintendo

and more particularly the zeldas.
I'll leave it to you to take a look ;)



Ready for the adventure?

Download all the zip !

1) Extract all files in same time ( ctrl + a== extract here or to)
2) Install the fonts! It's important :) For the overall atmosphere but also to avoid display problems.
3)You will find all launch themes here:




4) The icons are already integrated but if necessary they are here:



Crédits :


To all my contributors (ancient or new) without whom all this would not be possible!

A big thank you guys ! @CMOSS @Thornback @bliberche@funnyconers @AlabasterSlim @Retroid84
° A big thank you to Rachid lotf "my sensai" for these numerous borrowings of arts that I was able to animate, these advices, his encouragements and his accessibility.
Nintendo to delight us for more than 35 years now with this cult saga!
Thank you to the whole launchbox community and more particularly to @Jason Carror remaining so accessible and all his work in the back office(error -200 grr!),

@y2guru and this completely crazy creation without whom I wouldn't produce as much today and

especially to the talented @faeran who inspired me a lot!


Here is I hope that you will take as much pleasure to travel this first ultima

as much as I enjoyed designing it!

And above all, come and tell me about your impressions!

Negative or positive, I take!

And finally if after all , don't hesitate to support via my patreon, for my many other projects here for Zelda it's all in all, it's most 4 years of work. ..

But the adventure continues and many other projects are already finished or to come:


(since I planned  five  another Ultima Resident Evil ( already release), Castlevania, Mario, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy ;) )




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