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Question regarding built-in PDF viewer


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Anyone know what LB/BB is using as its built-in PDF viewer? I had assumed it was Sumatra, but the interface doesn't look like it.

I am wanting to be able to have Manuals/Strategy Guides open with bookmarks and also remember the last location it was opened from instead from the very beginning of the document.

I have Sumatra sets as the default in Windows for PDFs and if I open up these PDFs it works as expected since I made all of the necessary adjustments. However, in BigBox (even though I chose to disable using the built-in PDF viewer in Options), PDFs continue to open using whatever this built-in app is whenever I am in-game and open the Pause Menu and choose to either open the Manual or Strategy Guide and it will reset back to the beginning. If I leave it off for both Manuals and Additional PDFs and open either one from Game Details screen, they both open in Sumatra using the setting that I specified for it.

Can't figure it out. I like being able to use a controller to scroll up/down and exit from a document with the built-in app, but I also want to have the bookmarks on the side to have a jump list and also have the pages in a book view and have it remember where I last left off.

Hopefully someone knows how to get this working correctly from the in-game Pause Menu.


I made a short video that might detail the issue better

It seems while in-game it is using a browser as you will briefly see the icons to print or download the document. Hoping there is a way to get manuals/guides/etc to open up in Sumatra while in-game as this would be a great feature to have to not need to start from the beginning of the document each time its opened up.

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I've been trying to figure this out myself. 

Would definitely be nice to be able to keep your place when using a manual or strat guide pdf.   Especially when using a strat guide.
Was just recently playing a game where a map for an area I was in was about 75% of the way through a guide. It was a map showing all the collectibles in the area. 
After each collectible I'd get, I'd open the strat guide and it would start at the beginning again. I'd have to scroll all the way back through the pdf and find the page i was on with the map.  Made using it pretty tedious.
So I just ended up mostly looking things up on my phone which kind of defeated the purpose and was a bummer. 

Seems like having a way to keep your place would have kept me more engaged in the whole experience of using Launchbox.  Never having to look at another screen to find the info I needed. 


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I'm also here to make the best use of the pause screen. I have also added strategy guides and world maps to this as an additional application. Both are PDF files. Even if I select the standard emulator set up for my magazine category, the internal PDF reader is always selected. The assignment to the emulator to be used is completely ignored. Is there a workaround now?



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I personaly use batch files to retrieve the manuals (pdf, txt, png, jpeg and html file types) which by the way are stored in seperate drive, sometimes all together using SumatraPDF viewer (portable version). This way i open all my files at once no mater what the file type is, without loosing the manual icon (badge) showing in LaunchBox under the game box.😁

The only downside of this is while this is perfectly working when viewing the manuals via the dropdown menu (Media > View Manual) in LaunchBox and BigBox (Game Details View) when i try to open the files via the Pause Menu i only get the batch file as text showing via Chromium...☹️ (Wish this will change someday)...😏

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LB/BB manual viewer could definitely use and overhaul. Tried using manual from pause theme and ..yeah it was less then acceptable. 


Archive org has absolutely fabulous viewer for game manuals. It looks like a book , its simply perfect.

Grab idea for LB/BB?



https://archive.org/details/kirklands_manual_labor_-_super_nintendo_-_usa_-_2k_version/Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (USA)/page/n11/mode/2up



archive org pdf viewer.png

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