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Y2Guru - Plain and Simple.zip 2.0

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About This File

Here's my first (and probably last) Theme submission, if it wasn't for the work of @CriticalCid and his CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox theme I probably would never have attempted this, but I had a lot of fun putting this together and now its time for me to focus on building my collection and correcting missing and incorrect artwork :-) 

Special thanks to @CriticalCid @keltoigael @eatkinola and @Grila


Simply download, unzip and place the unzipped Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder into  LaunchBox\Themes\

Please read the Installation and Setup Guide.rtf located inside the Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting this theme and artwork together.





What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


2.00 COMMUNITY Edition

The original Theme took about 2 months to put together and test, this version was created in about 4 hours using the COMMUNITY Theme Creator, this is not a straight up port, it is similar but ive added Text Views and animations (mainly because I am currently working/testing the new Animation Editor for the Theme Creator)

Completely optional download, if you liked the original then you might like this version. Let me know what you think.






Fixed some video and Icon alignment issues.

Controller, Battery and Time no longer the same color as Game Title (I thought it was too distracting)

Battery now shows charging status when portable device is being charged.



Total Games will no longer display when view Platform Categories or Playlists



1. Game View (Light, Medium and Dark Modes) fixed the Icon alignment of Star rating, favorite etc.. when no Game Rating (T-Teen, M-Mature) exists.

2. Platform view (Light, Medium and Dark Modes)

a) Fixed the text formatting for Media Type

b) When displaying platform categories the total games of 0 was displayed, now corrected. @shadowblind

3. Theme folder contained erroneous folders, I believe visual studio created them. Not required and removed from this zip @neil9000



I forgot to mention on here that this theme contains the Platform Clear Logos that you see in the screenshots, the folder contains a zip file containing all the layers that make up the logo in case you wish to make your own.

The Theme has 3 modes as mentioned above.... Light, Medium and Dark modes to suit your viewing preferences.

The Theme has been tested on both a desktop running in both 4K and 1080P (primarily) and extensively tested on a GPD Win 10, the battery indicator will only show up on devices that utilize a battery. thanks @Grila!




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Really nice looking theme, does exactly what it says in the name. Good work.

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The Papaw

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I really like this theme, it looks clean and works great when streaming to big screen via moonlight or steamlink. Thanks much y2guru.

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· Edited by ChurchOfBritain

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4 stars for being laid out exactly as desired, however one star remains to be gathered with optional game/platform specific backgrounds instead of a choice between three colour-schemed backgrounds. Optional, because the white is lovely, the blue/red is muted and the dark is...dark. Plain and simple...however I did like Big Boss showing up in the platform vertical wheel type...I cannae put me finger on it, but 1 star remains elusive...something is....I haven't downloaded EmuMovies platform videos yet so bit plain like, 4.5 stars. 

I'll give it a go mesel one of these days. Keep yas updated. Pirate font too.  Playstation stole Chi Rho so drew fist blood.   It's really on like Donkey Kong. Sega stole Genesis, it's all Nintentional.


We're gonna take back what they stole from us!




EDIT:: Lordmonkus is confused

Sony stole from the Jesus, so Jesus pirating, privateering back his own emblem. Constantine 337 AD, look it up.

Also, trying to find balance for the themese between big juicy lovely immersive full screen background fan arts, alongside game theme videos. We iz wanting both.

Think it's a BigBox problem though. Need a button to go from default fanart/official game wallpaper backgrounds, and then at the press of a button, THEN the theme video plays, as a preview of the game, or a trailer whatever.

When the video automatically plays as first thing, aloong with the sound/audio, it gets a bit overwhelming on the senses, but a nice, quiet, beautiful background/wallpaper of the game, maybe just a wee sound clip from the game's ost, is inviting.

1. Game fanart/official background wallpaper

2. If like, then button to launch video.

3. If like, then go into game details page.

4. If like, play game.

Same for platform/playlists I suppose. Plain and simple, to begin with. THEN THAZ LAZERS AND NOIZES!

Can't seem to find a button to turn videos off and on at will, future updates of the software may help theme makers.

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One of the nicest themes on here. Very cool and clean. Makes searching through a sea of unknown games so much easier on the eyes, lol. Very nice buddy!

Response from the author:

Thanks a lot, I just wanted to mess around and revisit this using the Creator

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