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Y2Guru - Plain and Simple.zip

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Here's my first (and probably last) Theme submission, if it wasn't for the work of @CriticalCid and his CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox theme I probably would never have attempted this, but I had a lot of fun putting this together and now its time for me to focus on building my collection and correcting missing and incorrect artwork :-) 

Special thanks to @CriticalCid @keltoigael @eatkinola and @Grila


Simply download, unzip and place the unzipped Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder into  LaunchBox\Themes\

Please read the Installation and Setup Guide.rtf located inside the Y2Guru - Plain and Simple folder.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting this theme and artwork together.






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Hi @y2guru, was just checking out your theme I really like it, it is as you say plain and simple. :) 

However I have a bunch of folders inside the theme folder that I have never seen in any other theme before. I think they are related to Visual studio so I assume they are not actually supposed to be there. Just a heads up is all. 

Screenshot (144).png

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hey @neil9000 yeah, I'm not sure why VS put them out there, its not like i was running the xaml from there, just used it to addin references to @grila's controls, i  can post a new revision without those folders as i tweaked the game views slightly, I'm glad you like the theme though, it was kinda difficult to work on XAML using a GPD Win at work sometimes LOL.


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Game count > 0 I hope, I didn’t hide the game total based on view only if the total was null or 0, in order to hide it based on view I would have to determine what view mode you’re in, that may or may not be something I can determine.... without investigating of course, if I can I’ll send you a personalized version as I still think it’s useful to see a count > 0

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