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  1. honestly, I think the most practical way of doing this is using additional keys that are hidden instead of using button combos.you can put them at the top of your cabinet, under the control panel you could also use a keyboard. Your setup could be different....this is also just my 2 cents.
    I stumbled across this in search of a 3ds macro shot for my rlaunch fade screens. Thank you for such high quality images. this adds those finishing touches that adds much finesse.
  2. You know you've been part of the emulation scene for a long time when you see 3 ninjas in a screenshot and immediately know it's a SNES folder. Yes, I know the movie comes from that era of gaming... You have to have been part of that era and or the emu screen to know it though. Lol
  3. This is a brilliant idea, I would love to be a tester. I am extremely limited in programing....way below anybody's paygrade. LOL I would happily help in any way possible though!
  4. YES! Please share this!!! Thanks in advance
  5. Check this out. It's working for me in rocket launch. You sound be able to it work outside of RL http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4881-CxBx-Reloaded
  6. Thank you. I'm on my way home right now, will be testing in about an hour and reporting back This works perfectly!!!! Oh thank you SOOOOOO much. You ROCK 🤘
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to put together a script that allows me to launch bigbox using control+alt+B AND use the same key combo to bring BigBox back into focus. I am able to get BB to launch just fine, but i cannot for the life of me get it to reactivate the window. This is what i am using. I found a 3 year old thread here that somewhat answers my question, but what I am doing it isn't working here is what ive come up with #SingleInstance, Force ^!B:: ;Ctrl-Alt-B is the shortcut to start BigBox. run "F:\LaunchBox\BigBox.exe" IfWinNotExist, - Launchbox Big Box { Run F:\LaunchBox\BigBox.exe } IfWinExist, - Launchbox Big Box { WinActivate, - Launchbox Big Box } Return Thanks in advance
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