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  1. Can you please share this as a template? Possibly just the XBONE with the empty boxes? Or all? Actually all of it would be great to tweak to my liking. Thanks in advance, my gaming bretheren! You need to go into the fade settings on global and adjust the location and spacing of everything
  2. This is excellent! So, I have been helped by 3 people so far and with what I have been given, I can imagine how it will be accomplished. Then I got the idea of making it scan the "mod" folder and output an ini or txt file with folders and files being preserved like: folder\folder1\mod.dll folder\folder2\mod32.dll folder\mod1.dll the first folder being the root of the directory. Then the script would use that as a checklist. Isn't that an "iniread" or something like that? So I am not the most skilled scripter. However when toying around with other's scripts and seeing the patterns, I am capable of making things work. I want to release this to the world, there are too many convoluted methods and not enough hdd space. It would be so simple to create additional mod folders, while keeping them all centralized and tidy. So, any time a user wants to add a new/different set of mods, they would just copy the script, create a new folder like "GTAV DOJ" edit the launcher and it would do the rest. Would it be better to copy or move though? Copying to the GTA V folder ensures nothing gets lost. Moving is faster and ensures settings would be retained. One last note and it may be a lot, but I was thinking if I am wanting to (eventually) add support for multiple mods, wouldn't it be good to have it scan the gta v folder (clean install)? Let that be the "clean" launcher, then the other launchers would use the same .ini or .txt to know what belongs and doesn't? IDK, tons of ideas without enough knowledge or experience.
  3. I am struggling. Here is a link to my post at the AHK forums....so I am not being redundant. I am confused with the order of operations. If I could have 2 basic scripts to start off with, one that when launched, checks for a single file, if its present, it moves the file to an external directory then proceeds to launch gta v. The other, checks for the same file and if it's absent, copies it to the GTA V directory then launches GTA V. I could add all the other files/folders if I just had something for starters.
  4. this is quite simple. Run, "path to your game executable' run, "path to fullscreen excutable" Sleep, 1000 ; 1 second delay for pressing f3, adjust as needed send{F3} return esc::exitapp ;escape exits the script. Alternatively, you can just take the "esc::" off and it will automatically close. I added the esc key to end it so you can see if its working and edit it on the fly. Once it is to your liking, you can remove the esc key. you can also do a winwait if you know how to get the window name using windowspy
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. I have used joy2key numerous times in the past. However that doesn't fit the bill. I need keypresses to emulate joystick input
  6. Hello all! I hope life is treating you guys well. I hope the stay at home order isn't wearing on your sanity. I'm getting here with an ahk/gamepad question. However it's not a game related question. Hopefully when YOU are reading this, you see the value in this and a lesson for me and someone else to learn from. Without further ado, here's my novel question. I'm hoping YOU may have the answer or at least the insight to point me in the right direction. I'm looking to have my HTPC remote send movement from the right joystick with presses of the UP, DOWN, LEFT & RIGHT buttons of my remote. The buttons just send the keyboard arrow keys, so that it's native keyboard input. My idea is using vJOY. I only want it to send the right joystick (U,D,L,R) movement when I am using the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store. I no issue with launching and exiting apps using AHK. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to "load" a vJOY profile through ahk then unload it with my exit hotkey? It seems plausible and easy enough.... For someone with experience and knowledge of the program. I've never used vJOY, 'cause TBQH, it went right over my head when I was trying to understand what I could do with vJOY and never bothered trying again, thinking I'd never need to use a virtual joystick... Until now. On a final note, I have also started attempting to educate myself with the AHK Xinput wrapper. Sadly, from my understanding, AHK cannot emulate/send joypad input with standard key presses. Correct me if I'm wrong and help she's some light on this for me. Take care and I look forward to some input. Ok...I could help myself with that one. I love a good pun. They're the best dad jokes.
  7. Hey, great work! Do you have any others you could share?
  8. I agree wholeheartedly, AHK is amazing. It is so robust in what it can accomplish. I love that if it is limited in some way, someone can create their own library and give it additional functionality. I have been thinking about "graduating" as well. I have been using ahk since hyperspin and hyperlaunch 1.0 days. I considered myself to be ok back then. Only using it for hyperspin, limited my scope of knowledge though. Now I am trying to automate many functions through keypresses and find myself becoming better than "ok". I believe before graduating to C#, I should try my hand at .vbs (not sure what it's actual name is). I have a feeling that doing this will greatly expand my knowledge and what my HTPC can accomplish. Then try C#. Thanks for the link. Checking it out right now. Are you on Facebook? I would like to connect, if you're ok with that.
  9. So, you and I are on the same page. with many things here. I actually am running a portable install of chrome for YouTubeKids, and Youtube on tv. That is why I have these little launchers. It launches in kisok mode, and the youtube on tv launcher uses a Samsung Smart Tv user agent string. Speaking of, I am trying to figure out how to do the same for spotify on the smart tv's. All of those apps are just a web browser wrapped 'app'. That's how youtube on tv works. I just cant figure out what web addy spotify uses for the app. Anyhow, I am getting off topic. So your suggestions for the mouse click sounds gave me an idea. Last night i figured out how to add SMS style input (tapping the numbers to cycle through each letter to spell a word) to my remote using AHK and I wanted and audible click for each button press. So I did some searching and found how to make it play an audio file with each tap. I imagine that it will be on the same lines as this for my mouse click. So, that is sorted. I still can't figure out how to change the link hand. The main reason why I want to achieve this through AHK is the abilityt to make the cursor much bigger than what the system does. While I am here, do you know how I would use ahk to send an input after holding a key down? So i told you how i setup the number pad on my remote to cycle through the letters, it does that perfect, yet it will not do the numbers. SO in my mind, a good work around is long pressing it to send the number, just like the old flip phones. I know I am reaching with some of the things Im asking for help with. I am starting to get better at scripting. I just havent made that pay grade yet. lol
  10. Hey @JoeViking245, thanks for responding so quickly! I appreciate your input and help. When I get a chance, I'll post on stack overflow. I appreciate that tip as it never even crossed my mind 🙄😬. Still, any additional input you may have, I'm all ears and will gladly give it a try. I'm sorry for the delayed response, I am a VERY busy full-time single father to 2 youngins (both 6 years old and only 10 months apart 🙄) and a full-time caregiver to my disabled vet senior father. That doesn't allot me much 'me' time during the day to go and check the forums and play around with my precious project. No complaints. It is what it is. 😁 So, I managed to (partially) sort this out using method 2, the quick'n'dirty method. Which somewhat works like RocketLauncher. My hotkey launches the exe (which is just a bat file with a chrome shortcut opening YouTubeKids.com in kiosk mode converted to exe) which is an invisible command window (I can't stand to see a window popup for even a second, it takes away from the 'appliance' experience), and the accept which has been compiled to an exe. When I send shift escape, it closes the tab, waits then closes the process for that compiled mouse script. All of that works fine. This also has allowed me to remap keys on my remote for page navigation and convert directional arrows to mouse movement. What's bugging the heck out of me is that only the system cursor changes to my custom cursor file. I also want the link hand to change and be resizeable, so it will be larger than what I have set for the system cursor. This is for the kids, so I want it fun and engaging to them. I know this is a long shot, but I'd also like it to play a click sound mp3 with any kind of page navigation, ie: clicking the link or going back. I've tried copying the entrity of the mouse script and changing a few lines so that it points to the link cursor (idc_hand is what it's called, I believe) but it seems to just cancel it out all together. I'm telling ya, if I scratched my head anymore on this, I'd have a bald spot. Lol P.S. Sorry for the novel. I don't get much people interaction. Lol P.P.S. if you are running an HTPC, I figured out how to get YouTube on TV working on chrome. If you like, I'll send you the link to my write-up on Kodi's forum. Anyone for that matter actually. My next step is figuring out how to replace the key prompts to reflect the remote rather than keyboard keys. Should be as simple as finding the temporary files and replacing the PNGs with my custom ones.
  11. Hey guys, this isn't game related however it is AHK and BB related. I've been to the AHK forum, but none have answered and it has been up for nearly a week. You'll find I have uploaded the cursor image, the .bat and the .exe launcher that this script calls for with the hotkeys in my script. This launcher is a pc "game" I've added to BB. So, I have a script I am trying to sort out that will launch a small app that opens YouTubeKids ub Chrome, that is sorted out. I want it to change the main cursor as well as the link select cursor. I have successfully gotten it to change the main cursor, yet no matter what I do, I cannot get it to change the link select cursor. I am lost. So thats why I have turned to this awesome community. Here is my script so far: ^!Y:: Run "E:\Downloads\kodi shit\Windows Shortcuts and roms\YT Kids\YouTube Kids.exe" Cursor = %A_ScriptDir%\ytk.cur CursorHandle := DllCall( "LoadCursorFromFile", Str,Cursor ) ; change cursor size IMAGE_BITMAP := 0x0 IMAGE_CURSOR := 0x2 IMAGE_ICON := 0x1 ; size cx := 48, cy := cx ; fuFlags LR_COPYFROMRESOURCE := 0x4000 CursorHandle := DllCall( "CopyImage", uint,CursorHandle, uint,IMAGE_CURSOR, int,cx, int,cy, uint,0 ) ; replace cursor Cursors = 32512,32513,32514,32515,32516,32640,32641,32642 ,32643,32644,32645,32646,32648,32649,32650,32651 Loop, Parse, Cursors, `, DllCall( "SetSystemCursor", Uint,CursorHandle, Int,A_Loopfield ) return +Escape:: send ^w sleep, 120 SPI_SETCURSORS := 0x57 DllCall( "SystemParametersInfo", UInt,SPI_SETCURSORS, UInt,0, UInt,0, UInt,0 ) return YT Kids.zip
  12. I appreciate your help. That part kept catching my eye and left me wondering. However I'm pleased with the results and proud of myself for figuring it out. I'm going to replace the files in the add-on and keep this for the future. Again. Thank you. PS. Something tells me you're from Nor-Cal.
  13. OK, so its not launching through my launcher. I changed the script to what you suggested but it's still just launching the BigBox.exe instead of my launcher. This is a rather sophisticated script and I dont want to break it. Any suggestions? I am sorry if i am being a pain Edit: So I sorted it out by leaving the script alone and instead opening main.py and edited line 345 bigboxExe = os.path.join(launchbox, 'BigBox.exe') to the launcher. Works perfectly for me now. Thank you for your help @CoinTos
  14. awesome man! thank you so very much Edit: This is strange, now it continuously launches bigbox after exiting and returning to Kodi. Edit 2: I added the steam address instead of the launcher and now it seems to be launching correctly
  15. That's what I was wondering. I use the same directory as launchbox for my launcher. I am somewhat experienced in editing AHK scripts from the early hyperspin/hyperlaunch days. I cant quite make heads or tails as to what I need to edit so that it looks for my launcher, which is named Bigbox[1].exe, rather than bigbox.exe. I already have it launching bigbix perfectly through the add-on. I just want it to search for my launcher instead. Honestly, this is only my second time asking for help in editing ahk scripts, It is pretty straight forward. I am juts lost in this instance.
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