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Dreamstate's - 4K and 8K - Realistic Vertical MAME Overlays


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===========Dreamstate's - 4K and 8K - Realistic Vertical MAME Overlays===========

These overlays are in 2160X3840 and 4000X7111 resolution. I'll be making these with a focus on the artwork and not the game play. There's already lots of overlays available If you like a large game screen with minimal artwork. It's very easy to add those others to an overlay zip file like this so I leave that to you. I use these as show pieces when I want to just watch the game go through it's attract mode and admire the cabinet art. I hit crop when it's time for game play.

My goal here is to create something that doesn't look like a photo complete with flash bulb reflections. It's not to make the cabs look like they're in a 711 or Zeller's atmosphere with 5000 watts of super bright florescent lighting. I'm attempting to make them look like a window view of an arcade cabinet in it's native habitat, a dimly lit arcade. The lighting on these overlays will primarily be on the darker side with a touch of arcade lighting from the CRT, black lighting or other lights in the arcade and lighting from the marquees on the machines themselves.

These overlays will have English instructions since I don't know how to read any other language but English. The artwork and the depiction of it on these overlays will be as accurate as possible with no fan made artwork used as a substitute. You also won't see any flyers reduced in size and placed on the bezels in an attempt to substitute for artwork I don't have for the overlay. High levels of detail are a priority at this resolution as well.

Overlays will be posted here occasionally and in non alphabetical order when I complete them.  As you would expect, they take a long time to complete and I have lots of other artwork to make and round up just to have all the needed material to start one of these pieces.

Huge thanks to: Giulio Bettini, Jorg Ehrenstein, Q*ris, Franz Cros, Mike Holly, Denis Braun, Ivan Arcade, Joshua Axelrod, Gib Ranx, Frame, Raspbear, Etienne Macgyver, Paul Swan, Orionsangel, Nightvoice,  MrRetrolust, Jibmums and many others for the contributions they've made to the community and inspiration they have given me.

Radarscope 8k



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