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  1. Bruh... No one told me I had to copy the Esc script to the Running tab. I always copied it to Exit ahk script tab. Is it how it's usually done? Are you supposed to copy all the scripts to the Running tab? It worked after copying it to the Running AHK Script tab, btw.
  2. Same result. That also doesn't work.
  3. Didn't work. I'm thinking maybe Desmume is blocking ESC key or something. It's weird because the fullscreen script Freestate wrote above works but none of the exit scripts do.
  4. That doesn't work either but thanks for trying to help.
  5. Does anyone have a script for Desmume exit ? I tried many scripts from this thread including the unsafe one. Nothing works.
  6. That script didn't work for me.
  7. If you are using RetroAchievements on RetroArch, it takes screenshots during achievements. Launchbox catches those too.
  8. I have seen it many times. Looks like an automated message but the plugin might be bugged.
  9. I usually skip them. I don't accept nor reject changes to screenshots regarding region. I know covers can be significantly different but does the in-game differences require different regions on screenshots?
  10. I know when LB is searching for metadata on a ROM file, it tries to fetch data from Wikipedia. Is this linked to the WikipediaURL area in the database? Otherwise, I don't see any harm in accepting links to steamdb.info, wikia and even steam itself since lots of information can be found on there in the case of PC games. What do you reckon? I saw a deletion of a non-wikipedia link in the moderation today. It was a link to game's own wikia page. Are these detrimental to how LB works?
  11. It is possible this could stunt the database growth too since right now whatever image found is put in there. Not everyone would be privy to using an image editing software to resize pictures. I wonder if we could fetch images from steamgriddb website similar to emumovies. The website doesn't require login to download covers, only to upload.
  12. Agreed. For more recent Windows games steamdbdotinfo is useful as well.
  13. I was updating my Steam beta grid custom covers through steamgriddbdotcom and I noticed they have categories and rules for each category. For example the covers I'm using are shaped like vertical box arts and they have to be 600x900 png images. The category is "Alternate". Otherwise you can't upload them. I actually didn't try to load an image with different file type or resolution but should we have some standards for the images in the database? At least for the cover arts that appear in our Launchbox library? What do you think?
  14. Cool. I thought my internet was acting up.
  15. Sometimes it takes very long to load the next item on the queue. Is it just me? Also, whenever I go modding I end up with a longer queue than I started with. Are there really constant adds/changes to the database or is it bugged?
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