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  1. This isn't directly related but I was having trouble running a 32x game with Picodrive core in Retroarch through Launchbox a minute ago. I tried many things but it kept giving a black screen. I opened it directly with RA and it said Failed to load content. I tried the rom with Fusion and Gens+ emulators. Both worked, so it wasn't a faulty rom. I even tried another rom. Then, ran a command window with Retroarch to see the error messages if any by enabling verbose logging. Part of the log file is below: [libretro ERROR] Failed to detect ROM/CD image type. [INFO] Removing temporary content file: D:\isjusgam\Sega gens emulat├Âr\32x\WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game (USA).32x. [ERROR] Failed to load content. I asked at the RA discord. One person asked if there was a special character in the directory name. I changed "ö" in emulatör to "o" and it worked. I couldn't believe it. Turns out RA doesn't like special characters even if it appears in a directory name hence it appears as "emulat├Âr" in the log.
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