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  1. Marquee Generator template for Community Theme Creator

    This is a template you can use to generate custom marquee images with the amazing 'Community Theme Creator for Big Box', the examples you see are generated in a 21:9 ratio as I use a secondary 21:9 marquee monitor, you can however easily change the template to any ratio or other changes you want. The reason I don't include the generated images is because I don't have complete sets, just custom edited selections. The results will depend to what media you have gathered for your games. I used the following image categories to create these: Box Front, Box Back, Box 3D, Clear Logo, Cart Front.
    ===How to use===
    1. Install this to the My Theme Projects folder in the Community Theme Creator folder.
    2. Select this theme in CTC (short for Community Theme Creator), go to the "Create and Modify Custom Images" icon (the painter palette icon next to the eye icon)
    3. Click edit view if you want to change anything (I'm too lazy to explain the way this works, please see other threads and videos to learn how to use this) if not skip this step.
    4. Go to Menu > Render Custom Images > Uncheck Save Games to ID Database if you like to use game titles as file names instead of database number.
    5. Pick your render selection
    6. Once rendered go to "COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox\My Theme Projects\Marquee Generator\Custom Images\Custom Images 1\Games" here you'll find the render results.
    7. To use these images as marquees in Big Box create or move the images to it's subfolders inside Launchbox\Images\*Platform name of choice*\Arcade - Marquee
    8. Enjoy! and don't forget to thank @y2guru for his amazing software that makes all of this possible.


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  2. Controller Mapping

    So, there wasn't an actual category for this, so I put it here because I think it best suits what I'm doing. So, there is a theme that I love, and it utilizes the ability to set an individual controller graphic per game, so to help with this, I thought it would be nice to have a template. Right now I only have PS1 and PS2 controllers in there but I'll update periodically to include more controllers. I might even fill some out with in-game controls. Anyway, I think I saw somewhere that this might be implemented as a feature in a future LB build, but that might not be the case, regardless, I know that specific themes can take advantage of this, so for anyone using those themes, I hope this helps make your library look a bit cooler and more helpful 


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  3. Disc-Cart PSDs.zip

    Submitting some photoshop files I've been using to unify, edit, correct, and clean up disc and cartridge art including several PS1, PS2, NES, Super Famicom, and GameCube images.
    These are useful templates and labels for recreating missing console media artwork.


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