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  1. i took out the backslash and it work...argh!
  2. tell me best strategy for stella, mame, and retrolaunch exit buttons then? the big box exit back to the game menu would be a different button?
  3. i had a 4 button combo that shut the computer down from the front end menu only and no kid ever figured it out....except i didn't like how led blinky lit 3 of those buttons up. I have to enter a pin to shutdown. even 2 numbers is a bit tedious. i shut mine down after every use.
  4. A shutdown hot key combination should have been one of the first things added.
  5. there a pdf manual or something. i want to know what all the options do in the big box menu. Images, view, theme settings etc. is there a glossary or do i need to piece together 22 youtube videos.
  6. PaulC

    Built in Jukebox

    i know about that. But do others add it as a platform? Guess I'm stunned it isn't . I used to have one and windows media player in the maximus arcade menu.
  7. The dates in there now should be under Super Famicon not Nintendo Entertainment System. Donkey Kong was not released on the NES in 1983! 1986 instead. Doesn't it make more sense to have the U.S. release dates there?
  8. PaulC

    Built in Jukebox

    Jason, I added jukebox software as a windows game under the Windows platform. Is that the only way to play a jukebox within BigBox? I saw others having media players and magazines as their own platforms. Also LED Blinky does not recognize it as a Jukebox since it isn't part of the Front end.
  9. I'm getting annoyed.. i've been trying to get this all working for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, sometimes i can't exit the game! The pause screen goes behind the game and there's no way out of that. I was told by many..get Big Box! And it isn't even done yet. I'd like to be done. So I can relax and enjoy this time off. I can't have my arcade have so many glitches. What fun is that? Mame is the most consistent..Nestopia was fine...now it isn't. I'm using d3 on the tankstick for pause. d2 and d4 to exit. the pause screen does not a have a key assigned in the k
  10. when i used a start menu shortcut it did that. i just ran it from windows explorer instead. don't ask me why DONT ASK i'm getting fed up.
  11. is it suggested to map pause buttons to nothing in emulators that are using a pause screen? or the default. What command does big box send when you hit the designated pause screen button set in big box.
  12. it works now . i actually had that same combination for something else in mame and didn't know it. and i made sure i'm not using 2 or 4 in retroarch and stella. however stella is not closing properly. that's a different post.
  13. Using latest version of Stella (for spinner support) Closing game via pause screen brings back to that game's launch game menu (play, view manual etc) but out of focus so have to hit alt-enter then have to hit back. Closing method 2 (close active screen via Keyboard automation (hold 4 and 2) shows now loading instead of game over. Then goes to that launch menu. It never seems to close. Then either Big Box crashes or i got this screen if you play the game again and try and repeat. Any idea how to fix this? and how to prevent hidden extra windows causing big box to go out of focu
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