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  1. I will not make it last forever and will replace them one day but it should look cool like this!
  2. Thank you for your answer! Wow, in fact, I prefeer to hear that because it means that I'm not just blind. I'll then create a junction to the "wallpaper" folder waiting for something better. Once again, thanks for your time.
  3. Hey folks! Excuse me to bother you with such a noobie question. I presume it will have a really fast answer, but I haven't been able to find it by myself. I use another 16/9 screen on top of my cade (1920x1080) to a marquee, but I haven't been able to set it up correctly. It usually shows game boxes (vertical) that don't fill the whole screen. Is there a way to make him choose in priority things like wallpapers or things like that? It would look better but I can't find the "marquee" option in Launchbox. Oh by the way, I thought that it also could be a really good way to show c
  4. Up and running! Thank you very much @neil9000!! Topic closed then.
  5. Yeah. Just saw the issue (i think). I do have the files but they aren't recognized as the "good" files. Gonna reinstall them asap.
  6. The only ones that are missing are the optional ones. So I presume it isn't related...
  7. Weeeell, there's now quite a difference between zip files and bin. When I run it through bin, I get an error message, but through zip, it instantly crashes before letting me do anything, and Retroarch autocloses.
  8. Here's how my bios looks like, it shouldn't give problems in my opinion after reading libretro docs... And even less problems while running them manually through Retroarch... Once again, thank you very much for your answers!
  9. Well, thanks, I just reimported a whole arcade set in my Launchbox which is now making duplicate entries (KoFXI in arcade + KoFXI in "Sega Atomiswave" folder)... By the way, I tried to run my zip manually with Flycast and then Reicast, but nothing changed... Keeps crashing. When I run it through MAME directly, it works, but with a lot of issues which is normal. Why doesn't it happen when I run it through Retroarch + Flycast?. Now that I tried to do it in a cleaner way, Retroarch opens well, but gets stucked and unresponsive before loading the game (using bin+lst), when I try to do th
  10. Well, first of all thank you very much for your answers. I have done a backup of my MAME files, and reimported a small fullset (70gb) including KoFXI and so on in Launchbox. When my import will be over, I'll try to run them once again, and if they don't work I'll try with @neil9000 file... hoping that it will work... Thank you very much for your help!
  11. Hey @zugswang, Sadly, I've already tried both options... getting the same results. I also restarted all my settings/shaders/... but none of those solutions changed the results...
  12. Hey folks! I have been running my Launchbox/Bigbox with Retroarch and internal cores with no issues for months, but after upgrading my GPU, problems came. I upgraded from a GTX 1060 to R6800. Didn't changed any setting, but all those games are now broken, no way to make them work with Flycast/Reicast. I also get the next messages "Failed to load content" "Please upgrade to MAME romsets or expect issues" Any advice? Many thanks! SOLVED: Issue was that my Bios were downloaded but in a wrong place. Don't know why they worked well before or how they manag
  13. Hi folks, I've been messing around with Launchbox for some time now, but I'm still having an issue with some Teknoparrot games, and the worse is Initial D Zero. To run the game properly, Teknoparrot opens a "cmd", and the problem is that, even adding a line to close the process like I did for other emulators like CEMU, it doesn't work. Here, you can see how my game stays after closing Teknoparrot. I'm at the moment using my mouse and keyboard, so it isn't an issue, but when I unplug those things and play the game in Bigbox... I'd like to avoid to take my keyboard
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