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  1. im trying a new installation with no into roms see if that works its driving me crazy
  2. Can anyone help I'm totally confused I have the bezels downloaded and set to my retroarch file system the sammy atomiswave naomi worked straight away with no issues changing for each game now the consoles won't update the bezels just black I can set them individually with retroarch override settings but that's gonna be a mammoth chore help please I'm at a loss
  3. guys im struggling really bad didnt have any issues but all of a sudden my launch box is emulating slow and the sound is well awful ... its definitely something in launch box or retroarch as redream and dolphin for game cube and dreamcast all work fine no issues and mame standalone works fine but i had all my mame stuff working through retroarch libretro 2016 with no isues but now thi acros all platforms uysing retroarch from what i can see
  4. Right after starting my build on my pretty redundant pc I wondering if it's actually up to the job it's an erazer Lenovo pc with an AMD radeon r9225 graphics chipset gddr5 men type 16gb system memory cpu Intel r core i7 cpu @3.6 ghz core clock 930 mhz I havnt a clue what any of that means 😂😂😂 but just want to check it's capable and if so any thing I could upgrade on it to make better for using launchbox and bigbox
  5. thanks ill give it a try ive been using retroarch for the neogeo arcade and capcom side of things hence the reason for different cores i thought that was the way to go
  6. Right call me an idiot I'm pulling my hair out I've wasted a whole day and night now I've imported and deleted and started again. Capcom game system 1 2 and 3 I loaded system 1 roms and most worked so then moved onto 2 in the arcade platform for some reason the 2nd system has to use a diffrent core as soon as I change it on edit game system 1 all stops working I go to change that back and the whole lot reverts back and 2 doesn't work this has officially given me a a right headache I know I'm a noob learning as I go. Can some one explain this to me as I've tried the file path thing but it doe
  7. Beanie moo

    3D boxes

    Thank I thought that may be the case it's gonna take me ages this
  8. Beanie moo

    3D boxes

    Hi all I've just recently started launchbox and big box is there anyway for me to have the 3d boxes the same for every game in its platform ie style and type or is it a labour of love manually going into the settings to change it 😏 I was looking at other peoples collections and a lot of there 3d boxes are uniformed and the same style. For instances see added pics
  9. thanks got it sussed now to sort out mame im struggling to find roms that work or am i doing something wrong ?
  10. Love this video anywhere I can download it for my cabinet build 🤔
  11. Yeah totally my doing I've never attempted anything like this untill my Christmas present stopped working Any idea which wince emulator is the best to use again sorry for me being a total idiot 😂🙄
  12. Omg I can't believe it I finally sussed out what was going on they all worked in redream separately. Bloody launchbox had made the file path bin files for each game changed them to the gdi or cdi files and its working crazy something and nothing but so frustrating thanks for getting back to me I really didn't expect a reply how do I get the non compatible Redream games to work like sega rally 🤔😂😂😂
  13. Guys I know this is an old post but this is doing my head in total noob at this learning as I go along how do I get redream to stop booting up from launchbox 😒
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