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  1. BioShock Collection Remastered I don't think Infinite is part of it, since remastering was unnecessay, as it meet current visual standards.
  2. SentaiBrad said ...so about an hour and 20 min left before we go broke. Dude?!?! I'm alreaby broke, but now I have to be 'in the negative' broke?
  3. Plex Server in your Pocket (and more!) The item on WD's Website
  4. F1 Engine Test (They start revvin' it around 40" in). This is probably the pinnacle of internal combustion engine technology (MotoGP notwithstanding ). Although I love what's being done with electric cars (Tesla!), the sound of 15,000rpm will be missed. (The engines will rev much higher, but are currently restricted to 15k max). Results: White-hot headers and a bunch of deaf people.
  5. Yes, those User-Created ones. Folks in this Forum are good "contributors", so those should grow nicely over time. Remember a while back when I first saw those new ones in the LaunchBox Games Database section, and they all had zero Posts and Replies, and I thought all the Threads had disappeared?
  6. I suspect those will load-up fast.
  7. Hewlitt Packard Enterprises's ultimate goal is to create computer chips that can compute quickly and make decisions based on probabilities and associations, much like how the brain operates. The chips will use learning models and algorithms to deliver approximate results that can be used in decision-making. While it will take years for such chips to be commercially available, HPE is testing its brain-like computing model through a prototype system with circuit boards and memory chips. The computer, which was shown for the first time at the Discover conference held recently in Las Vegas, is
  8. You described it so well, I thought you were there. Yah, bein' there would be cool, with all that "gaming energy" in the air!
  9. SentaiBrad said I also took another thing away from this game, a guy crashed during a flight race and you could hear bones crunch and the guy screem: The perfect analog to this entire conference. xD Hahaha! Thanks for the thourough coverage, Brad. How long were you guys there (and where was it?)? SentaiBrad said I literally live about 30-45 min from Sony Bend, so I was super excited to see this. I won't tell Jason, but have you ever 'applied' at SIE Bend? SentaiBrad said BUT THIS CONFERENCE IS STILL GOING ON... Finally one last thing, new IP from French Developers for Ubi new
  10. I'm probably the last one to listen to this, but I was impressed, really. He sounded as good as any Head-Banger I've ever heard! Move over Metallica and MegaDeath, LaunchMan is here!
  11. Zip over to about 2'35" for the rescue scoop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfpFmSKsd6s
  12. CriticalCid said So today SimplyAustin started an emulation news videoseries on his channel and features LaunchBox 6.0 as a big headline in the first video :) He loved it, that's for sure! There's some good "word of mouth" advertising. And Brad, I don't picture you as a minion.
  13. Team17 Story (an interesting "Retro Gaming 'till now" story)
  14. DOS76 said Hackers will be hacking people. Yes! I'm envisioning an epic Sci-Fi Blockbuster! P.S. I just did a Google search on "Mind-Hackers", and guess what? Uh-oh!
  15. Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone, and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings. Looks pretty cool! I believe this technology (and many others) with eventually be "integrated" with us biologically. Hmmm... The Borg? It's just a matter of time. [Insert diabolical laugh here] Hey, at least the Borg get along with each other, like ants or bees. No killing each other!
  16. Good luck, kerszr. You'll eventually be able to reclaim that spare room.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy0bpSyeCuQ
  18. (Click on the artist's rendition)
  19. Sony executive confirms PlayStation 4.5 (code-named 'Neo' (Neo? One of my all-time favs: Subway Showdown scene in The Matrix!)) exists, but won't be at E3. (Click here for more)
  20. SentaiBrad said Check the box to use the folder name. I am curious, since it uses the exe name I wonder if it will use the folder name that those exe's are in instead of Desktop. :P When I drag/drop the game shortcuts into LaunchBox, and it starts going through the DOS Import Wizard, the only Checkbox I see anywhere that has anything to do with directories and/or folders, is this screen: When proceeding from this screen, I get the same thing as Reply #6, but perhaps I misunderstood your instructions altogether (partially ). SentaiBrad said if I recall you can double click the
  21. lordmonkus said Hells yeah. This is a game the so desperately needs an HD remaster. I wish all classic and/or bad-ass games were remastered. Space Invaders or Pac-Man with 2016 graphics? Granted, the game-play is quite basic, but with 'improved' graphics? It could spawn a resurgence. [Resolution observation: If my cable company's service is choking, and I'm only getting 'Standard Def', I notice it immediately.] When I play NES games on a 'big screen' TV, the resolution isn't the same as on an 'old school' 20" set (of course). Math thing, no doubt. Picture expanded twice = half
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