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  1. Click here for more info on the Division movie and here for Assassin's Creed.
  2. SentaiBrad said Or, if you have a folder full of shortcuts you can drag and drop them in to LB, add them as MS-DOS, then use the Bulk Edit function to remove the need for DOS. Should also work. We have Shortcut importing planned actually so workarounds wont be needed for ever. Haha! That figures. Since BigFish has their own 'game launching program', I recently deleted the vast army of Shortcuts it had created, since I didn't need them anymore. P.S. The Shortcut Importing thing sounds nice. I love it that LB is constantly being improved.
  3. Dude, you found a TRS-80?!?! Perhaps you should contact Antique Roadshow or American Pickers!
  4. It is crazy! But wouldn't you need sophisticated equipment to extract anything out of Fuel Injector Cleaner? If they start 'checking' everything you can kill brain cells with, if you whiff it, it could slow-down the check-out line a bit. A few years ago I got "checked" for the proper age at the Self-Checkout when buying 6-pack of root beer. Turns-out, kids were replacing the brown root beer bottles with brown, plain ol' beer bottles. They'd scan the 6-pack cardboard thing, and Presto!, it's looks as if they're buying root beer.
  5. Just made my early morning store run (love the light traffic!), and while at the Self-Checkout, I had to wait for the clerk to “clear” a purchase I made. I needed to be 18 to purchase Fuel Injector Cleaner (upon seeing me, the clerk didn’t ‘card’ me – apparently I appear to be over 18). What in the Hell are these Meth-head types extracting out of Fuel Injector Cleaner? Maybe they’re just sniffing it…?
  6. Jason, LaunchBox is up to about 100 Floppies now! I recall my last big, diskette install (at place of employment). Microsoft Office v2.0 (may have been starting to come out on CD's, too). A whopping 29 diskettes! At around 2 minutes/diskette, it wasn't a speedy install.
  7. Obviously, LaunchBox is 'the knight in shining armor' when it comes to resolving many gaming hardware compatibility issues, with the Gaming Miracle of Emulation, with a mostly idiot-proof GUI, to the rescue! However, I often decide to struggle with getting somewhat incompatible hardware working together (I don't know why I put myself through the grief. I suppose it's the challange, and more realistic than climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest). Anyway, you may recall me mentioning in a different Thread, when I upgraded my A/V Receiver and TV, my NES and Intellivision no longer worked (I suspect the TV). With the Intellivision, I was getting nothing (wired with the same wiring configuration as with my former stuff (TV was a Panasonic Plasma), but with the NES, I was seeing the games in Black-and-White, with no sound. Really? Black-and-White only? Argh! Anyway, as I finally get to the point, the use of the NES's 'Audio/Video side connectors' resolved the issue (RF connector by-passed)! Woo-Hoo! Still can't get the Intellivision to work, though. It only has the RF-type output connection - no separate A/V, and my new TV isn't goin' for it.
  8. If ya want a free Clipboard that, among other things, holds more than one thing at a time: M8 Free Clipboard (You can even save frequently used things 'permanently')!
  9. I just wanna find the best overall 'Tweaking Suite' and use it exclusively, instead of using different parts of different ones. Most of the time I don't really know if it's doing any good, anyway. Many so-called experts claim, for example, that Registry Cleaners really do very little to improve real-world performance, but I'm not personally inclined to experiment with it that much.
  10. SentaiBrad said The last 4-5 years though I started using ASC, and between that + Malwarebytes Antimalware I get very little issues with my systems or systems I put that software on. Interestingly, several years ago Malwarebytes sued (or was gonna sue) IOBits. Click here for details.
  11. It was amusing. Itman turned-out to be harmless, but he may be more skilled, now. I get calls now and then from people with an Indian accent (India/Pakistan) claiming to work for iolo (System Mechanic), and they've remotely detected an issue with my PC and would like to log into it, in order to rectify this potentially damaging situation. [iolo told me they don't do this, just as the IRS won't call you asking for money]. I usually just say unpleasant things regarding camels and what not - do they even have camels in India? ), then hang-up and report them (if I get a phone number). P.S. I'm gonna read that linked article "scamming the scammers", and see if there's any fun things suggested in there.
  12. DOS76 said That pretty much looks like my XBox One Now that I'm lookin' at it closer, due to your observation, I don't think my first picture was a "Slim Version".
  13. The ever accurate Internet has 'supplied' me with different pictures of the rumored Xbox One Slim (one more rounded than the other):
  14. Samsung releases a 512GB SSD that's smaller that a Postage Stamp! The insanity of it all!
  15. SentaiBrad said Another program I love is IOBit Advanced System Care http://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php So it's actually only got a free section, and some features are behind the pro license, but I think it is very much well worth it. So, out of all the System Cleaning/Tweaking programs, such as iolo's System Mechanic, Ashampoo's WinOptimizer, Norton Utilities, Glary Utilities, AVG's PC TuneUp, Uniblue's Powersuite, etc., etc., why did you select IOBit's Advanced System Care? I must admit, the Drive Booster program that comes with it was the only program I've used lately that found Drivers on my System that needed to be updated.
  16. I forgot to mention, I asked the guy if SnapPower had ever tried to appear on Shark Tank. He said they had, but by the time the Shark Tank producers got back to them, they (SnapPower) no longer needed their assistance. Big smile from him after I commented on how great that was.
  17. I do more feather-weight Gaming than any other type, and and I was wondering about importing BigFish games (please don't banish me for playing those games). Somewhat . Anyway, even though I'd undoubtedly have to deal with all the artwork manually, if I were to put all of the games 'launching' Executables in one directory, would I be able to import them into LaunchBox somehow?
  18. Just to clear a few things up for education: ** I think you may be referring to a Trans Woman I don't know what I'm referring to, or even what I'm talkin' about most of the time. After a veer of this Topic I hadn't anticipated, I started an informal Poll of the issue. Most folks don't seem to give a crap about it. My observations are that it's mostly parents with younger daughters that are the most concerned. I have two daughters (adults, now), and I don't believe I would've wanted either one of them to see some ugly-ass protrusion hangin' off some strangers crotch. To note: If a Trans person is in your bathroom, the likelihood of them being there for a sexual gain for them is close to nil. I totally agree. But we're in a pretty and crazy and diverse world. Let's just love each other and worry about actual problems Ultra-Ditto on that one, AutumnSounds!
  19. Well, not that anyone would be interested, but I added some more 'wires', and I think I was able to maintain some sort of order.
  20. The July issue of MaximumPC magazine has a decent DIY article on a hard-piped build. The tricky aspect is that the tubing is acrylic and therefore quite solid at room temperature. You have to heat the tubing to bend it. They say a hard-piped build is not easy and screw-ups are inevitable, but I say it looks sweet when complete! I wouldn't use a white liquid, though. Somethin' in the blue, green, purple family that 'glowed' under UV light. More like this: It'd be really cool if ya could aerate the fluid with pee-wee bubbles, so you could perceive the movement of the coolant. Ohhh..., how 'bout mixing water and a colored, light oil. It would be taking advantage of the ol' adage, "Oil and water don't mix." Remember these: (I'm not sure if it'd look cool or not - it might be too blobby. I'm sure I'd like the fizzy effect, though). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUZ8vrj-qzM
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