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  1. I recently attended a Home and Gadget Expo and SnapPower was one of the Vendors. The guy wanted $51 for a 3-pack of the Charger ones ($54 on Sale on their Website). I said, "If ya throw-in one of those spiffy cables, it's a deal." He threw one in the bag and the deal was done. When I got home and emptied the bag, he had thrown in 3 cables. Nice! (The cables are about 40" long, but aren't currently available on their Website). One in the package: Micro-USB and an Apple plug on the same wire:
  2. fromlostdays said If this technology had been around for decades many more people might actually be bilingual. It's not about what's the point of trying to learn, its that this is probably an awesome learning tool, no? It could be a great learning tool, but I believe people are letting machines do almost all of their thinking, remembering, etc., and many I believe are getting intellectually lazy. Many educators have told me some High School students struggle with basic math. One from southern California said many of them struggle with English! I'm a bit guilty. Thanks to the Nav System in my car, I don't need to figure-out how to get anywhere - I just turn when it tells me to. In a not completely related story, I spoke with a retired Kindergarten teacher just a few days ago, and she told me many of them start not knowing how to count at all and don't even know basic colors! Worthless parents, no doubt. I taught my daughters their colors really early-on with M&M's. If they got the color right, they ate the M&M, but if not, I got to eat it. They had the M&M colors down in no time.
  3. How do you keep users connected to the massive processing and graphics power required for VR, while they remain mobile enough to walk, punch, or perform other movements required by whatever virtual scenario in which they are immersed? MSI's Backpack PC
  4. DOS76 said Republican based add so don't attempt to find sense in it, it was made for people who already hate Obama and anything different from them so questioning the validity of it is out of the question for them. Many Americans only like freedom and equality until it makes them uncomfortable then its time for the Frankensteinesque mob scene to destroy the monsters before they totally eradicate the moral fiber of our country. I usually avoid political posts because I'm sure someone will find offense but this is just ridiculous fear mongering which is the number 1 play in the extremely tiresome Republican playbook. Personally, I hate almost every politician (with the possible exception of Newark's former Mayor (now a Senator), Cody Booker). They're all nothing but self-serving liars, IMHO. If Spock (aka U.S.S. Enterprises' Science Officer) were running for Prez, I'd vote for him in a second. All decisions based on logic for the good of the whole - that's what I'm talkin' about! P.S. You're right about the wisdom of avoiding political Posts. What was I thinkin'? I'll be more careful in the future.
  5. AutumnSounds said Is this that ridiculous thing where Americans seem to think Trans people are all sex offenders / criminals? Might be. I believe the issue that many people aren't liking is that, say, a trans-gender male whose hasn't yet had the 'transforming' operation, can enter the Woman's/Girl's bathroom, while still sporting his package. Granted, he'll be behind a stall door, but what about when he goes into the Woman's Locker Room? That's my understanding of it, and I can see where the concern comes from.
  6. ps4isthefuture said Seems a bit too good to be true...I mean google translate can't even translate properly yet. But I don't think this would be a good thing. If I had that why would I learn to speak or understand Thai. If this technology had been around for decades, you might not be bi-lingual, as one's parents may have just stuck those in their kids ears early-on - language barrier solved. But I applaud you for being bi-lingual (maybe multi, for all I know). P.S. I never make-fun-of people who's English isn't that good, because I'm certain I can't speak their native language at all.
  7. DOS76 said I love to see science fiction brought to life. Ditto! One of my heroes, Leonardo da Vinci (the other being Homer Simpson) had envisioned helicopters, submarines, etc. Not Sci-Fi to us, but then? But more to your point, many Sci-Fi writers have 'nailed it' on so many fronts. Now all we have to do is wait for the fruition of Skynet (insert diabolical laugh here)! As a cave-person, I don't think I could have even forseen a wheel, but fortunately, my ancestors were more inventive than myself.
  8. DOS76 said That Zelda shit is so sweet! You got that right, Derek. I had no idea there were sooo many 'Zelda Collectibles'! [To Replies 11 & 14 (from Wolf_) - Wow! Thanks for uploading all those photos].
  9. Excellent! Now I won't have to learn Spanish/Español if I ever travel to the Southwestern U.S. "At the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages." Meet the Pilot
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRonRtbnI9A
  11. No, not really. Did you sign-up for the Newsletter?
  12. I recently spoke with an Amazon employee who was working from home in Tennessee, in the middle of nowhere, in aforementioned state. Really? Whenever I call any non-local Customer Service agent, I always ask, "Just out of curiosity, where are you geographically"? (I'll shoot-the-breeze with 'em briefly, most of the time. I learned from a Customer Service agent that cricket is the 'national pastime' in India. I suppose I shoulda known that. I think it was an HP rep in the Philippines, but I was askin' him about the facility where he worked, and he was in some sort of huge Customer Service compound, comprised of thousands of employees in numerous large building from different companies. Anyway, I often times find the conversations interesting). I haven't spoken with an Amazon Rep in the U.S. for years, and I call them often enough. I usually get someone in the Philippines, Malaysia, and even got Uruguay just the other day. But the interesting thing was the survey at the end of the call. I wish I woulda takin' a screenshot of it (but I spaced it, as usual ). Anyway, I had never seen this survey from Amazon. The question that stuck-out the most for me was, "Was the representative easy to understand"? (Yes, they were)! I put in the comment section I was glad they had employed a U.S. Citizen who resides in the U.S. I went on to say I had always received very good service from their overseas employees, but in general, they were more difficult for me to understand, and in some cases it's more difficult to resolve a more complicated issue with someone who's native language isn't English. I added that I realize the overseas folks want a nice, non-poverty life, too, but I was still appreciative they had employed a residing U.S. citizen (whom I had no difficultly in understanding). Plus, since I seem to enjoy flappin'-my-jaw a lot, I can make jokes the foreigner would probably not understand. I could ask the Tennessee guy if he had a still, watched NASCAR and Jerry Springer re-runs all day on a small TV with a coat-hanger for an antenna, or any other crazy-ass stuff, and he'd get it. P.S. When I worked for Goodrich (not BF Goodrich) at one of their Aerospace divisions, we had a 'Platinum' Contract with Dell (we leased PC's, and replaced every employees PC every 3 years). Part of the Platinum package was, whenever we called Tech Support, we were always routed to someone in the U.S. (They manufactured Jet Fighter Ejection Seats there. BTW, a nice Ejection Seat costs way more than the average house).
  13. lordmonkus said R-Type Dimensions for something like 3$. It's R-Type 1 & 2 and you can swap (on the fly) between original graphics and modern slick graphics, really well done. Thanks, LM. The cheapest I was able to find it was for $10 on Amazon (Digital Code 'version', whatever that is (non-physical copy on PSN?))
  14. AutumnSounds said Oh my gosh! Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this R-TYPE animation is a thing and exists? And the heroin saves the cocky boy! Dang, there's a fairly recent Sci-Fi film where that happens (there are probably groups of 'em)??? Side Note about cocky people: I'd have to admit, Testosterone has played a part in many of my life's trials and tribulations (self-inflicted). I have Super R-Type for the SNES, but haven't played it for years. That animation you posted seemed pretty spot-on, as best as I can recall. I remember when that game was released, many buyers were complaining about how if there was a lot of things going-on on the screen, the game would slow-down quite noticeably.
  15. Me, too. I'm currently absorbing the Witch novels. Ya gotta love Granny Weatherwax!
  16. If your current A/V solution doesn't offer a Bootable Flash-Drive option (only Rescue CD's) with current Virus Definitions, you may like this idea. Rufus (it's Free) + Avira A/V (Free or Pro) = Up-to-Date (even w/o Internet), Bootable, Anti-Virus Flash/USB Drive Rufus will 'prepare' your Drive to be Bootable using Ubuntu, and add Avira's A/V Definitions (it will retrieve current Definitions (on next Boot) from the installed Avira application). [Obviously, Avira needs to be installed ] Snag the ISO file for the Avira Rescue System, and when you run Rufus, point it to that ISO file. When you Boot off the prepared USB Drive, a nice 'n slick Ubuntu GUI will appear. Done!
  17. Google puts Boston Dynamics Up for Sale in Robotics Retreat! But, now there's Atlas. In the 2nd half of the video (2'4" in), a guy knocks Atlas over - it's interesting the way it gets back-up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVlhMGQgDkY P.S. As you may know, Google bought Boston Dynamics back in December '13, but Toyota or Amazon could be interested in the purchase.
  18. Some old, some new, some just plain unbelievable. Not Their Day to Die
  19. P.S. Most expensive things ever sold on Ebay (To include two towns)!
  20. SentaiBrad said Only. Well, this Forum currently has 4498 members, so if we all kick-in, it'd only be <$22.18 for each of us, and the LaunchBox Forum could own it.
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