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    awesome.. goes well with the neon deluxe arcade theme too.
  1. yeah it doesnt look like it works anymore :( it was a good one
  2. is there any way to position the badges on the bottom row? where the title of the game is? its very awkward having them positioned on the right side of the games.
  3. totally understandable. at the end of the day i dont use android devices THAT much for gaming. and when i do there are already a few others that do the job. I actually find myself using Parsec to just stream big box from the PC. (which works perfectly for me) I definitely would rather 100% of attention going to the desktop version.
  4. Does anyone have a playlist of the high score supported games?
  5. Im new to coding. I only ever made a Gamemaker studio game (poorly). I want to make a simple button that pulls up a browser search for reviews of the selected game. Similar to the "Wikipeek" plugin. How would I go about learning the basics of this? Or maybe just some general basic coding tutorials that would apply to the launchbox plugins?
  6. or grab an xarcade tankstick. (make sure it has the new xinput pcb)
  7. i dont think this is possible. in fact i asked a game developer to help me get the retroarch shaders to work in a game i was making and they arent very compatible with other things from what he told me. That or he didnt want to deal with helping me with it.
    This is great. I wish I downloaded this years ago. So convenient.
  8. Awesome update. idk if this is something you want to continue working on, but another idea would be getting the "arrange by - playtime" to stack properly. like with the longest time up top and the none at the bottom, in order. that would be great.
  9. is that something someone would be willing to write? i dont know how to code at all. that sounds like a solution though
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