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  1. Im new to coding. I only ever made a Gamemaker studio game (poorly). I want to make a simple button that pulls up a browser search for reviews of the selected game. Similar to the "Wikipeek" plugin. How would I go about learning the basics of this? Or maybe just some general basic coding tutorials that would apply to the launchbox plugins?
  2. or grab an xarcade tankstick. (make sure it has the new xinput pcb)
  3. i dont think this is possible. in fact i asked a game developer to help me get the retroarch shaders to work in a game i was making and they arent very compatible with other things from what he told me. That or he didnt want to deal with helping me with it.
    This is great. I wish I downloaded this years ago. So convenient.
  4. Awesome update. idk if this is something you want to continue working on, but another idea would be getting the "arrange by - playtime" to stack properly. like with the longest time up top and the none at the bottom, in order. that would be great.
  5. is that something someone would be willing to write? i dont know how to code at all. that sounds like a solution though
    This is an essential plug in. I've used it for months and months now and I'm very happy the author has updated it periodically so it stays active. Very very good work. Side note. be careful with the "oneclick download" option. i swear to god this is true, i needed a toejam and earl back in the groove trailer and i typed in "gameplay trailer" in the search parameter and downloaded it, and somehow youtube returned a guy picking real toejam out of his nasty ass foot.. yum.
  6. Pretty good plugin. Works well. Hope to see this expanded upon if possible. Maybe to work with retroarch mame cores? or making it appear on the game details portion of launchbox.next.
    This is such a great feature. I'm so happy this community has people dedicated and knowledgeable enough to listen to user requests and bang out a perfect plugin to make the experience that much better. Yet another awesome plug-in my man. Keep up the amazing work!
  7. i think the idea is just in case it gets left on accidentally or i imagined maybe .txt or .cfg file that you can manually set it if you already played a ton of the game. just idea. cant wait to try this. i was one of the people requesting this. thanks so much man EDIT** I just realized you can edit it in the custom fields. which makes this the perfect plugin. you are the man.
  8. i picture it linked to the startup and shutdown screens. like just have a timer start when the startup screen opens and then stop when it closes. couldnt that be done as a third party plugin? it wouldnt be perfect but if we could also have a way to manually edit it, that would be cool.
  9. i dont know a ton about coding, but it does look like the "center logo" startup screen has the same kind of code. but it has individual xaml files for each of the platforms. idk might be tedious. just an idea
  10. you think theres a way to have the discs spin? i saw that on one startup theme a while ago.
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