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  1. Honestly I am surprised that there is no way to tell in Launchbox without going to edit. I could have swore the info pane would mention completion status
  2. 2. I really love seeing the box art appear on the side like that for some platforms. As far as I can see, those are the only platform themes that have box art. So in order to have a game detail list, I would have to trade away the box art? I just wish it wouldn't fade in when browsing the game details list
    Really unique. It has some nice atmosphere that I haven't seen before. Music gives old pc game nostalgia feel
  3. Ah, okay I am pretty satisfied that accuracy core has no options. As authentic as possible is fine by me haha. Hmm, I have even tried unzipping the files and while mario kart runs, it still has weird glitches with the race track just a garbled mess. I have the dsp files inside the game zip and in retroarch system folder and still garbled graphics Last edit, I found that following the instructions to make dsp files with higan stand alone program. If anyone needs help with dsp, take a look at this link. Thanks.
  4. So I ran across this thread: But what I'm running into is that I have all of the dsp chips in place. Core info for BSNES accuracy says everything is there. I still have no options for the core under retroarch but regardless, when I load the game through Launchbox, retroarch never opens. If I launch the content from retroarch manually, then it works. This works for most of the dsp games except for mariokart. While the game does launch, the tracks are a scrambled mess of textures. 1. Should I have core options in retroarch for bsnes accuracy? 2. Is there a reason why LB won't launch the dsp games in retroarch?
  5. Love it Viking. Is there any way to have game view 7 with game video in background?
    The only theme I use. Use it with viking console videos.
  6. Looks great. Any star rating support? The cart and box art combo game view are magnificent.
  7. Thanks Brad. I guess what I mean is how can I get my local star ratings to display in the default view? I could make a custom theme and enable that I presume. Some custom themes display my local star ratings in some views.
  8. I really enjoy the default theme. It just doesn't have star ratings for some reason. Is there any way to add that? In fact, there are a lot of custom themes that omit star ratings which I use to figure out what to play.
  9. I've noticed, especially with N64, that my front box art is sometimes European boxes. These are random games but are all U region games. I have my priorities set to NA and USA scraping. I still have to go in and change 30 or 40 images. For some odd reason I am getting European box art when scraping with Emu movies but if I scrape each game manually and choose Launchbox database, then I get the choice of two region art. When I choose Emu Movies, I just get the European box art. Doing a full art replacement scan for the whole N64 platform and un-checking Emu Movies leaves me with the same smattering of European art. What gives? Edit: I've found something interesting. I moved Launchbox to another drive last month. I found the N64 box art downloads to a new folder seperate from my LB directory. I bet the config is screwed up. Ugh
  10. Wow, I believe I made this mistake before. If I would've read the directory instructions more carefully I would have been fine. Thank you!
  11. I have everything properly installed. I simply can't get the theme to initiate. It just stays stuck to default no matter how many restarts I do to Big Box. The only other themes that work are Grillas NES and Famicom classic.
  12. Totally love how clean this looks. I'll be first to download this
  13. unfortunately these are Darkwater rips of Dodonpachi, Bulkslash, Bug. Have we seen game compatibility increase so far? I know it's been since August. I suppose I will just setup Yabuse separately.
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