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  1. Grid is lost unfortunately, I no longer have the files. That is an issue with how BigBox scales with DPI.
  2. This. Some themes actually look really good/clean without logos. Unfortunately my themes do not. Check out something like Grilas Fundamental theme, its light weight so it has minimal look going for it already. Try and experiment with various themes in the download section.
  3. I just wanted to chime in, I am doing a full sync of my entire library and things seem to be working atm.
  4. will the real @Lordmonkus please stand up?
  5. Someone may find these useful, I updated my Arcade cabinet so thought I would share the added platforms.
  6. It's super easy to work with, hit a button or direction and map it to a key.
  7. xpadder would be decent for what @Lordmonkus mentioned
  8. Been a while since I posted or updated anything about the theme. Working on new image banners, video background and video playback now uses the default LB/BB engine in preparation for @Jason Carr to implement native random playback for theme background videos. Stay tuned.
  9. I think he was spit balling to be honest. My opinion would be to ignore it.
  10. Was doesn't make much sense seeing as his channel is mainly reselling HS, why he reacted to LB is the question.
  11. I have never seen any attitude by the means of take Jason's side or leave but in fact the opposite. We voice our opinions to him all the time. He listens to his user base. As far as I am concerned these are some of the friendliest and most helpful emulation forums on the web.
  12. You can't base his traffic just from youtube. I am pretty sure this is his means of living so he would have multiple outlets to sell his illegal product.
  13. Can we get back on point and not have our own users argue with one another.
  14. My two cents. I have been a victim of a rom seller stealing my work and profiting from it. It sucks. Someone's entire business based around theft and lies is very difficult to deal with when they threaten legal action. Jason is passionate about his IP which is why we back him. I wish in the past that I could have reached out to an entire community via email. It may come off as childish to some people but it is within his right to do so and I support it. Launchbox is not the only victim of these scumbags, plenty of other front ends have retaliated in similar fashion with other rom sellers doing the same exact things. Lies and theft.
  15. Just to chime in yes I do as well. I went from a 15k collection down to around 3k at most. To me I like having a much more clean collection of fully working games and games I personally chose and would play.
  16. @Special T Yes, the clean version has it removed by default. I am thinking of making it off by default since I am not a fan of the clutter. I don't need more than one thing telling me what platform I am on.
  17. Just wanted to chime in that this theme really doesn't work well with newer versions of BB. The theme was made sometime ago and atm looks to be abandoned. It has not been updated in ages. It really needs to be rebuilt for it to function properly.
  18. Just remember that this is mainly a hobby for some of us that just wish to share things with other people. Grila will get it done, just be patient.
  19. The Wall View is a hard one to pin down. I haven't really messed with it to much. I am going to go for a flat look with as little as animation as possible with just a small color outline to show what is highlighted. If that is possible anyways.
  20. What do you mean by wheels are disappearing? If you mean sometimes it shows the incorrect one because you have multiple wheels in different themes that is unfortunately a BigBox issue due to the addition of switching themes on the fly and caching. It is something Jason plans to work on I believe.
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