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  1. Nice work.. are the Lindberg systems emulatable? Is Rambo a go?
  2. Question: I use RL for a lot of systems. I turned off the LB start screens in the LB options. Then I run BigBox and it’s still working. Do I need to disable them there as well?
  3. Thank you. I will give this a try.
  4. I have a dedicated 1060 Nividia card running to a LCD monitor via HDMI. My marquee monitor due to issues I was having with the NIvidia software not recognizing the TV kept wanting to make the marquee monitor - monitor 1. So I pulled it and activated the gpu output and plugged this into the original computer port. Now when I launch a game in LB from Mame it throws the gameplay up on my marquee and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change this or force output through the 1060 card onto my primary screen. With most emulators I can select a graphics card etc so it isn’t a problem with Mame I can not Any ideas?
  5. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the “frequent/flying games/etc” were considered playlists or had a specific location.
  6. Can anyone tell me where in the file directory I go to replace the game categories, breakdowns etc. I can’t find them. I can change the logos for the systems/games but the newest breakdown where we can split a system into multiplayer/racing/sports etc I can’t find.
  7. I thought we were talking marquees and dynamic marquees here. My apologies.
  8. Anyone ever get videos to work with marquees yet? @Jason Carr can you set it up so we can put platform videos on the marquees? And we can create marquee sized platform vids?
  9. These are great! Nice work. Any chance I could talk you into doing the following Arcade Genre's when you get a minute? Trackball Games 4-Way Classic Joystick Games Dual JoyStick Games 4-Player Games
  10. So I have a lot of zipped Dreamcast/PS2/Sega CD games zipped but I can't seem to figure out how to get launchbox to launch them without fully extracting them and pointing to the .bin/.cue files inside. Anyone got a solution?
  11. Thanks buddy. I'm about to head on vacation tomorrow but will get it to you Sunday when I return.
  12. This is great. Any interest in making the following genres: Dual Joystick Games trackball Games Spinner Games 4-Way Joystick Games 4-Player Games
  13. You guys do great work... Anyone open to making a couple of traditional arcade playlists: Trackball Games 4-Way Joystick Games Spinner Games As a handy way for quick access.
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