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Jason Carr

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Interested in translating LaunchBox? Here are the translations that are currently under way:

Spanish - Complete thanks to @CliveBarker and @Kondorito
Brazilian Portuguese - Complete thanks to @AFaustini and @Cauptain
French - Complete thanks to @Wattoo and @Nyny77
German - Complete thanks to @Opaklopper
Italian - Complete thanks to @dukeemu
Simplified Chinese - Complete thanks to @cyanjiang
Dutch - Complete thanks to @Bardock and @Just001Kim
Arabic - Complete thanks to @MajKSA
Traditional Chinese - Complete thanks to @gamehacker
Russian - Complete thanks to @alexposad
Japanese - Complete thanks to @k_kutsugi

Czech - In Progress by @PattersonCZ
Swedish - In Progress by @Izzy
Polish - In Progress by @wirtual82
Norwegian - In Progress by @audunv
Greek - In Progress by @sxetikos
Turkish - In Progress by @eonder87
Korean - In Progress by @Soomin papa

Translating LaunchBox is a huge job, but it's well worth the effort. Still, plan on spending 30+ hours on the project to successfully translate the entire application. We also want to make sure that translations are consistent, grammatically correct, and as high quality as possible, so we do ask that you only translate into your native language.

It's also important to take your time and review your work as best you can. Chances are, we don't know the language you're translating into, so you will be the only quality control. It is also a good idea to get a friend to help review it, if you know another native speaker that is willing to help. We use an application called Zeta Resource Editor to help with the translations. You can download it free right here. If you're interested in translating, leave us a comment here and we will set you up with the translation files.

Latest Translation Files Downloads:

Simplified Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese
Traditional Chinese

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Translation Instructions:

WARNING: Do not open up all the files at once in Zeta Resource Editor! This unfortunately causes occasional conflicts and can be hard to fix later. You'll want to make sure to open each set of files individually.

Once you receive the translation files, open up Zeta Resource Editor and then click the "Open Resource Files" button in the toolbar. Then you can select the resources files, one group at a time. For example, you can start by selecting both "AboutForm.__.resx" and "AboutForm.resx".

Once you open them up, you should see the English text on the left, and the blank field on the right for the translation. You can fill out all the translations in the file, and then Save. When you send the files back to us, we'll be able to easily integrate them into the app.

If ever you find something that doesn't need translated (should be the same for both languages), you can leave that field blank. There are some text fields that use ampersands (&) to define a shortcut key, like this: &Close - this means that the button will say Close but the C key will be used as the shortcut for the button. In these cases, you can do the same thing for the translation, or you can just leave the ampersand out in those situations (it's not often used).

Finally, some strings have special "variables" in them that look like {0} or {1} or {2}, etc. For example: Image {0} of {1}: {2} LaunchBox replaces the {0}, {1}, and {2} variables above with the proper values, so that it looks something like this:

Image 1 of 5: Fanart

So, when translating, you can translate the words around it, but put the variables in the right spot in the string. That pretty much covers it; thanks to everyone for all the hard work translating LaunchBox! :)

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@CliveBarker, here are the release notes for version 4.8: More premium font options for the side bars New Import Windows Games Wizard for importing Windows games (including Origin and GOG) New Import Games from Steam Wizard imports Steam games that aren't installed Steam banner downloads on imports Can you translate these for the release? :)
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Sure thing, here are the translated versions in order: Más opciones premium para fuentes de la barra lateral Nuevo Asistente de Importación de Juegos para Windows (incluyendo Origin y GOG) Nuevo Asistente de Importación de Juegos de Steam para importar juegos de Steam que no estén instalados Descargars de banners de Steam durante el proceso de importación
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Wattoo said Yes, why not, but not before September (i'm really busy for now !)
Watoo, I'm willing to help for the french translation. Would you like us to work together (reviewing each other)? Think it would be good to have an cross-Atlantic team to make the translation as international as possible. Don't want to take it from you or anything but I'll have some free time in the next weeks so if you don't mind I could start now. Let me know what you think.
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Wattoo said Sure, that's really a good idea ! Travaillons ensemble Smile
Génial! Jason, send me the translation files when you have a chance, I'll start working on it. Watoo, I'll pm you to keep you updated on the progress. A+
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