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  1. 12 hours ago, Retro808 said:

    The LaunchBox Database is community moderated and community contributed so it is always an ongoing process to add and clean up images. The more members that contribute the more data we can collect.  So yes, this is an on going thing, members of the community continue to contribute, and the only other way is for you to use other sources to scrape media. Emumovies is one source that can be scraped within the LaunchBox UI. 

    Hello Retro808, how are you?

    I agree that there should be more control over the images you upload.

    I have done a huge job collecting most of the front covers in better resolution, as I always try to improve the quality.

    It could veto the size of certain arts.

    Covers with a resolution below 350x350 are practically unused.

    I prefer to limit it to a minimum of 400x400, as I can recover them.

    Same thing in size. One, the cover with a lot of information in 350x350 of 10k doesn't help.

    I know that the community is contributing, but filling up with so much bad image is sad for us.

    About GB / GBA / GBC I had to recover almost 900 covers. Almost 50% of the total.

    Think about whether you can do something that improves the image database.

    14 hours ago, Madhead said:

    Hi, I was looking through my Launchbox collection and have noticed that the Gameboy platforms have by far the most missing images. They do all have the front box art, but even then a lot of them are small thumbnail images and are missing the back cover 95% of the time. On top of that most of them have missing screenshots too. I don't have a huge collection of gameboy games (about a couple hundred of each), but they are all showing similar trends in their images. Just so you know I scraped my images from the default Launchbox database.

    I'm not complaining or anything, I just want to know if this is an ongoing thing with the Gameboy database, and if it's being worked on, or if there's already a way to scrape these missing images? Thanks.

    Will release tomorrow on my FB group  a full collection 1G1R for GB/GBC/GBA with full medias, all covers in 960p.



  2. On 6/18/2020 at 12:18 AM, Jason Carr said:

    You will have some settings but very little. We're not looking to become a video editing suite. Regardless, the videos will be high quality and it'll work plenty well enough.


    For me just need 1 second fade in/out + SD/HD (16:9 & 4:3) profile to convert. Perfect for intent.


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  3. 10 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

    Thank you all very much. Love that graphic @Cauptain! Where did you get the background image? Is it safe for us to use?

    Hello @Jason Carr,

    The image get on Pinterest. No see copyright in anywhere.

    Original link: f604b8d332a99d01bbe8602cc8ec5119.jpg

    Jason, in the 10.15 last beta, Audit option is not properly work. Its not export default fields (Name rom, Video path, Clear logo images...All fields are gone)



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  4. 6 hours ago, Álvaro Maia said:

    I would like to address a typo in the Brazilian Pt translation


    Thank you for the warning.

    This has already been fixed and is already included to be added in the next BETA version (If Jason can make it).



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  5. Hello @Jason Carr I posted how to do using Reteoarch in my Faceboo group, Projeto Launchbox.


    Hi-Scores working on Launchbox + Retroarch. Easy !!

    Follow the step by step:

    1 - Update the LB version to 10.12

    2 - Update Retroarch to 1.8.5

    3 - Update the core MAME to 0.220

    4 - Download and run the MAME 0.220b emulator

    5 - Go to the MAME folder and copy the PLUGINS folder and paste it into the Retroarch \ System \ mame folder

    6 - Create user and Log in to the CLOUD (Connect to Launchbox game database)

    7 - Enjoy !!!

    Hi-SCORE Updated 16.04.2020



  6. 45 minutes ago, dukeemu said:

    @Jason Carr I'm back but right now I'm working on a package surely older than the last one below, so I would like to know if my new package could be integrated, so then I can download and continue to work on the most recent one. I think this should be the right procedure, shouldn't it? Please let me know if I'm wrong on my side. Thank you for your help. Stay safe everyone!

    I do it straight. No problem.

    Took my translated Beta 7 files and replaced  in Beta 13 files and continued.

    Beta 15 is complete already.



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