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  1. I don't know of a way to remove that haze, but here's a better scan of that cover.
  2. Submitted to LB database. Thanks for the tip on the Swiss font. NBA I could not find a match, but BellCent font has some similar features so I used that as a base for redraw.
  3. Thanks for the nice comment! I usually start with trying to find an exact match for the font(s) used with either of these sites: https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ https://www.whatfontis.com/ , sometimes if I can't find the font and the image is large enough I can use Vector Magic program to recreate it. Then I decide how the rest of the art would best be done; either enlarge it and cut it out or redraw it using the pen tool in shape mode, sometimes both techniques are used on the same logo. The larger the image the better. Also I've never used the lasso tool for this as it's not accurate enough and it's not editable like the pen tool is. As for the speed I guess I've been using graphic programs for a long time, I started out on Deluxe Paint on the Amiga.
  4. what is this from? and is the top GD if so what is the full name?
  5. After re-reading I thought maybe you wanted the subtitle to match the subtitle on the box art so I made this alternate version. Not submitted to LB database.
  6. Not submitted to the database.
  7. You said to match the logo on the box, I don't see the word passport there. Are you wanting the word passport off the disc added to the current logo?
  8. I did that one back in 2017, it's in the database. Unless there's something I'm not seeing?
  9. Not submitted to LB database. I just added transparency, thought you might want to change the levels, etc.
  10. I was able to find a larger box scan with same logo here: http://andydecarli.com/Video Games/Collection/Sega 32X/Scans/Full Size/Sega 32X Corpse Killer Front Cover.jpg , so I was able to determine the font used. Not submitted to LB database.
  11. It's too small to make out what fonts are being used, I tried searching for a bigger image but I don't know what tech or system this is.
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