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  1. Got lucky and found a partial scan of the poster. Also the "Day of the" is the same font for the "Mary Tyler Moore" TV series.
  2. Here's the photoshop file, you can arrange it as needed. classic board games.psd
  3. vector magic has something similar. it has 3 levels of accuracy, but you have to experiment with them to see how they work. For example: I had one logo that was contrasted enough for the magic wand to work, but the compression was so bad vector magic was giving me a rough edge. I found if I took the selection from the wand tool and blurred it then used the lowest setting in vector magic it gave me much straighter edges. Still had to make adjustments but it saved me quite a bit of time.
  4. alien skin is mainly good for extruding logos since I don't have the latest photoshop. Vector magic works really well if you help it, and by that I mean if you can separate the logo from the background by changing the contrast of the image and also change it to black and white it can find the edges better.
  5. I use photoshop (some times use Alien Skin plugin with photoshop), illustrator and vector magic. In order to cut out the logos you need to use the pen tool, rarely can you get away with using the magic wand tool. This website will teach you how to use it the pen tool. https://bezier.method.ac/
  6. here you go, also added to the database. BTW the background of the logo has alpha to better match the effect on the box art.
  7. I uploaded the blitz to the LB database, the amadeus mod isn't in the database so didn't add that one.
  8. Here's the ones I could do. Heisei Mahjong Shou graphic was too small, plus I don't understand Japanese so I don't know where the logo starts or ends.
  9. here you go, also added to the database
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