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  1. What a great build. Why oh why is this outside?
  2. i was playing bomb kick in Mame, anyone else here play this game and just let the demo mode play thru all 3 characters with out starting the game and sure enough you will here a super mario song as the background level tune in the game as you watch i guess the demo mode? anyone know why this? or the history of why this was included in the arcade game? just a wondering thought that makes you go Hhmmmmm....... i think this game is dated from 1998? have an amazing day! Steve..
  3. ME Too, Me Too. Simple is a Fantastical Concept....at the Office, I open up my LaunchBox and I feast my eyes on a retro gaming buffet of fun!
  4. Lord knows I'm weary and carry heavy burdens. I've been running my business for 12yrs now. That can bring burdens, lol.. One thing I do know is that I am completely dependant on God for direction. Completely dependant on him for the many blessings that honestly man could never bring. Being in his will is not only wonderful but actually quite stress relieving knowing I'm not in control of my life, this has been the best free will choice I've ever made! And when I do get in a bind I know and fully understand that I can do ALL things THRU Christ Jesus that strengthens me...
  5. The logo looks similar but is clearly different. See how the acer game zone logo has some bubbles. Launchbox doesnt...
  6. You could use a ultrastik 360 prgrammable digital/analog joystick from ultimarc. Maybe use RGB color led buttons and assign the correct colors to those buttons to replicate what ever system your playing.
  7. It all depends on what you want. In my cabinet I only have arcade classics. On my computer I have everything else and now days you can find retro style controllers with USB plugs so you can play however way you wish. Oh snap!
  8. It's simplistic on purpose for ease of use. Easy to find stuff... I originally landed there when I was trying to source out some bezels for RL...
  9. Everything you can think of is in there if you dig deep enough.. even pdf manuals to pretty much every original arcade cabinet ever made it seems.
  10. Raspberry pi zero I believe is its brains.. sorry brain furp for a sec..
  11. You couldn't run very fast even if you tried! Bwahahaa but heh it's the details that matter most. Backlit marquee with 1 tiny led is classic.... only source of power has to be the USB?
  12. My stupid phone! I'm sorry.. ugh..
  13. I cannot be the only person that visits this site for various goodies! http://www.arcadeartwork.org/index.php?/category/5 Anyone looking to enhance their collections, there might very well be something in their for YOU...
  14. Saweeeet! It's very good times for bigbox. May your hands continue to be blessed with boundless success...
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