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  1. Not at the moment, purely focused on game loader all rh. There are options to load things along with the exe. If you had an option to choose ahk script like you would for a specific emulator then it would work but that currently isn’t possible. Maybe the big boss can help @Jason Carr
  2. Hi @bman83 Happy Easter! I’m moving away from rocket launcher for all my platforms/systems so trying to utilise Launchbox native game startup. My goal is to trigger the escape button when select/start is pressed (2 button combination). I also use exit to windows for pc games but that’s understandable as you can’t set escape as exit for that. I’m wondering if there’s away to use AHK to exit gameloader as this is already setup in my input, JConfig or TTX_config. Maybe someone in the community can recommend a solution.
  3. I’ve also been wondering how you exit game loader all rh or any exe with hotkey? Has anyone worked this out? Game loader all RH has been configured to exit with escape. Sorry to bring back an old thread but seems no one has answered this question yet.
  4. What a shame, they were nice and people were hoping for more platforms. So there's no chance we could have a re-upload of the actual files? I cant find my zip file.
  5. what happened to these platform banners? the thread is gone?
  6. I guess it kind of is but not all games have fanart available and I am a bit OCD. Is there anyway to make the clear logo smaller?
  7. Is there anyway to have a general background per each platform?
  8. This theme is gonna be so good, hope it covers most systems. Well done
  9. Love these banners and clear logos, can you please create one of each for Nintendo Virtual Boy? A PSD would be awesome though, good work
  10. @GiantTitan Thanks for these awesome platform cat images.
  11. Thank you so much, can you do the same for roms with no videos?
  12. I didn't have problems adding my full rom set of 0.177. I basically removed every clone mahjong etc but the problem is auditing the roms added and only showing the ones which contain clear logos and videos in big box. As far as I know, no simple way to do this without manually removing those from LB. Am I missing something? Im trying to move away from HS completely but they have Don's Tools for HS which can actually scan your roms and you can choose not to show those specific roms in the game list. Also wish we had the ability to have a single platform wheel, like Arcade for a cabinet for example. No platform list at all. We should get there eventually
  13. Well done hubz, I think you can send these to Jason as well to update on the backend.
  14. If we want to build a better standard of images in our database, some rules need to be put in place. These must include dimensions for example, file size, format etc The Arcade section of the database needs some consistency, when viewing the whole mame set in LaunchBox, all images look different and in big box, not all games have clear logos. I believe this is where LaunchBox can see some improvements. Instead of copying or doing what HS is doing. I think we can do better than that.. Also is there a built in tool to audit and only show Arcade/Mame games that have clear logos?
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