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  1. I would just recommend the reset collection frontend at this stage... that's what I use on my shield
  2. Thanks @y2guru for creating this application, I have been able to create my own theme thanks to you! I will be sharing my theme here soon 😊
  3. I would of preferred if it pulled the images from the downloaded media... so many missing artwork doesn't look pretty and this is an awesome theme.
  4. Hi @Palada The startup themes are awesome, thank you. Can you please add the Sega Master System platform if possible?
  5. Excited for the Android version 😃 A break from the windows version will give the community time to come up with some ground breaking features. I currently use an iPhone XS but plan to switch to Android, probably a Samsung Note or Galaxy towards the end of this year. Thanks and Good luck @Jason Carr
  6. A visual queue for individual media per game to show a preview of the box, clear logo etc would look nice. Not necessary but cool.
  7. Thanks so much for the reply @Retro808, this cleared up a few things for me. My main issue is that I'm trying to use the designer view in visual studio as per your screenshot but this doesn't load at all when I'm reviewing the code. I might be a missing a view that may need to be checked? this would help me out a great deal. I am loading Default.xaml and Default Shutdown.xmal
  8. Hi Guys Simple question really for the coding noobs like me, are there any useful tutorials for startup theme creation? I want to understand all the key elements, this example is based on my favourite theme by @keltoigael called minimal. First Section <UserControl xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" xmlns:mc="http://schemas.openxmlformats.org/markup-compatibility/2006" xmlns:d="http://schemas.microsoft.com/expression/blend/2008" mc:Ignor
  9. @wallmachine Can you share the script you used in your bat file? Wouldn’t mind trying it your way and seeing if there’s any difference.
  10. It's best to setup exit inside MAME settings, you can setup the same button combo
  11. @wallmachine What’s the script inside game loader all rh.bat? I wanna try it. Also where do you place the bat file? Okay so you manually set it up with all the other emulators in its own directory. Just wanted to know whats inside that bat file, how does it know what to do with the empty text file?
  12. Why are you using a bat file to launch, aren’t you using Game Loader exe. I’m using JVS Loader and I configured the exit key as escape key keyboard in JConfig. When I use the exit button combination in LaunchBox, it works now... a clean exit but no game exit screen. Still it works perfectly...
  13. @Jason Carr did you fix something around button automation in the last few beta's. Exiting Taito games that use exe are now exiting game with the button combo perfectly, I don't have to rely on R3 setup as escape. Beta 16 is working great, good job buddy 👍😊
  14. Is there a reason to use the latest release? I dont know why this option was removed, we need it back. I would revert back to the last version before it was removed.
  15. @Jason Carr So I tested assigning the R3 button as the keyboard escape key and this exits the application EXE smoothly back to Bigbox. It seems to accept the virtual escape keyboard press, I've attached the screenshot of Inputmapper. Is there anyway I could check the logs to see whats happening in Launchbox/Bigbox... I also attached screenshots of my setup - an example Taito Nesica game in Launchbox.
  16. Just hold off for now, let’s see if Jason can work it out. Game Loader has awesome features.
  17. I’m was using the latest version 3.3.3 of Game Loader All RH but not anymore since it doesn’t play nice with LaunchBox. So JConfig, IDMac and JVS Loader is my go to now. You really need at the least a Gamepad or arcade stick for these titles. I’ve had no issues configuring an Xbox controller in JConfig or TTX Config. I use DInput option FYI.
  18. I use my PS4 controller through Bluetooth. And in windows there’s an amazing app called inputmapper that treats it like a native Xbox controller. Within the app, there’s a profile setting that allows you to setup virtual keyboard presses and even macros for specific buttons. I will assign the escape button for R3 as an example and test.
  19. Thanks for that detailed write up @Jason Carr So as you explained, escape will be sent to Game Loader? Maybe it’s not working because like MAME it doesn’t like virtual key presses. Keep in mind I don’t have an emulator set but rather an application the exe defined for each game. I also get the warning that I have no emulator set when I edit the game but I click no, as all I am doing is launching an exe. I can test setting up a button press as a virtual escape keyboard press. I’ll try this tonight.
  20. Hi Guys After reading many topics on controller automation, I have established that it does not use Autohotkey anymore. So my question is, how does it work and what command does it send? Escape, Winclose etc etc The reason I ask is because I’m currently working on Taito Type X games which launch via an exe file and they cause all sorts of problems when exiting using controller automation button combination but work just fine when escape on keyboard is pressed. @Jason Carr can you please provide some details Also would be nice to select what command this sends per game,
  21. I've tested Game Loader ALL RH so far as that as that is the loader I'm currently setting up, I will test others as well...
  22. Hi @Jason Carr can you please add extra columns for each setting within Game Startup. This thread is a good idea to compile working startup settings for each platform too. Also would be better to have a comments or more columns for emulator settings. This would then be the ultimate thread for seamless startup integration.
  23. Yep black screen issue still exists on emulator exit for me too... beta 6.
  24. Yeah I understand, haven’t been on the forum as much. Thanks @Jason Carr
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