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  1. Only 4x1 and 5x1, i'll send the only picture of the roms i've found on the internet This videogame has only 4 cartridges at all, PAC 02 to PAC 05, the PAC 01 is inside the internal memory
  2. Man, I'm struggling with some videogames to find the complete romset. Videogames from the 2 or 3 generation. Sometimes the only thing I can find is old and dead links. It's disappointing sometimes.
  3. Man, I was talking about this with my friends last week. And I am personally saving all games of all plataforms that I can. Cause as the years go by, it's getting harder and harder to download some games. So I'm kinda making a backup for life hahhaha
  4. Hey guys, i'm trying at my best to collect all games of all the generations of videogames, and in the second generation has a videogame called Unisonic Champion 2711, this console has only 4 cartridges and i'm recreating the boxes and the cartridges in photoshop to make it look better. If some of you guys want the files, i'll share here because I didn't find this console on the database. here are a pic of the progress of the cartridge i'm recreating, i know, it ain't much but it's honest work haha
  5. And i know this cause i've already tried to use only PT-BR descriptions on my Batocera instalation
  6. Not every game have the description translated Even on Screnscrapper
  7. Marvelous I've discovered your plugin today, and man, i'm already a big fan You're really awesome !!!!
  8. Just a question, i have a lot of PC games that are not from Steam, can i play them through steam too? Cause i've tested and only games that I play via retroarch show me the option to play via steam
  9. I just open it once, and man, its gorgeous And its good start using LB again, now that I build a new PC
  10. Jesus fking christ. I don't know if I call this man lucky or unlucky
  11. Are you sure you're looking at the correct folder???? Sent from my LG-H818
  12. Hey guys!!! Ima big fan of Kodi, and cause of this i'm making a BB theme based on one of Kodi's theme, the Aeon MQ6 Hope you like it
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