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  1. And i know this cause i've already tried to use only PT-BR descriptions on my Batocera instalation
  2. Not every game have the description translated Even on Screnscrapper
  3. Marvelous I've discovered your plugin today, and man, i'm already a big fan You're really awesome !!!!
  4. Just a question, i have a lot of PC games that are not from Steam, can i play them through steam too? Cause i've tested and only games that I play via retroarch show me the option to play via steam
  5. I just open it once, and man, its gorgeous And its good start using LB again, now that I build a new PC
  6. Jesus fking christ. I don't know if I call this man lucky or unlucky
  7. Are you sure you're looking at the correct folder???? Sent from my LG-H818
  8. Hey guys!!! Ima big fan of Kodi, and cause of this i'm making a BB theme based on one of Kodi's theme, the Aeon MQ6 Hope you like it
  9. I didnt know this, I'll search about it when i get home. Just a doubt, how you guys configure RL with LB??? Ima kinda noob on this.
  10. To separete I create different plataforms, it's kinda boring to select game by game, but it's worth it And to big box i create manually the logos too
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