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  1. Just finished setting up my Atari 5200 within launchbox using ETA Primes tutorial and everything is working fine. I like to have my Launchbox install mobile and with Kat5200 it appears the kat5200 confit file is saved on the C drive in the AppData\Roaming\kat5200\0.8\ folder. There appears to be no way to change that. Anyone using the emulator worked out how to change it? I didn’t install the emulator, just unzipped it.. Any Ideas
  2. Tried what you said and I get the following screen. When I abort the process it says it will revert back to the previous version. It doesn't do it properly and I have to run the 8.6 beta 13 install to get it running. As soon as I get the option to upgrade to the latest version it will fail and I get the screen I've attached. Any ideas?
  3. Cheers mate I will give it a go in the morning but don’t recall a update folder but maybe be mistaken 😀
  4. I took a break from LB for about 8 months and have come back to a load of cool features and I finally got MAME imported using the new wizard.. I just wanted to check something that is probably fine but if not then I’ve pointed out a glitch, but it’s probably the later. I’ve got a LB installation on the go for a friend, 5 platforms added and LB displays them as Platform is selected. I added MAME and also selected create playlists for Namco classics etc. After the import where the 5 system were being displayed Arcade has appeared but also all the playlists, or am I mistaken and th
  5. I’ll say sorry right off the bat because I didn’t note down the error when my Lauchbox update failed, but anyhoo! I’m running Windows 10 and had just done some windows updates. I ran Bigbox and played around for a bit and got a notification for the latest beta update. I declined the update and carried on with B.B., I later closed down B.B. and launched LB. The update process then started and the typical LB install window with progress bar appeared. Right at the beginning of the process I got an error saying something like this ‘cannot overwrite file when it is already present,
  6. I've had a nice collection of games running with FBA. CPS 1,2,3, Cave, Neo Geo MVS etc, found on a rather pleasurable site. I got this collection mainly because I could never really find out what systems were included in the MAME set. Now we have platform categories which is cool but there are a few little bugs in the creation of the playlist but that's not the reason for this post. So the FBA collection was added as a platform called FBA and scanned as Arcade. I then recently imported my mame collection and found many games missing even when selecting import all. I'm sure the importer wh
  7. Click on issues/request at the top of the page and request this as a feature. If it gets enough votes it could be implemented
  8. I'd seen the handheld pc you mentioned and thought it looked promising, however I also found this which looks to me a modular system where you are able to upgrade components. Regardless it great that LB/BB runs on these systems. Now which one to buy? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smach-z-the-handheld-gaming-pc-games#/
  9. I don't think so... It depends what you mean. Do you want two videos for one system and to be able toswitch between them? You can't do that I'm 100% sure. Each video is named exactly as the platform is. The only way I can see to achieve this would be to join two platform videos together with a fade in between. Otherwise I think unless you request this as a feature you are out of luck
  10. thank you lordmonkus, unfortuately it still won't go full screen, running a 1080p lcd tv
  11. I followed Brad tutorial on setting up FBA, using the collection he refers to in the video. I imported this a while back but never configured the controls. Today I thought that I'd do this and I'm a bit stuck. Firstly let me say that I'm using a Xbox 360 pc controller and have this running from a wireless dongle. I see that in order to map controls you have to load a game, which I have done. This is where Im a little uncertain on how to continue. So I select player one and then I'm given a number of options: joystick 0-2, x arcade, hot rod. If I'm looking at mapping 2 Xbox con
  12. NO WORRIES GUYS, A REBOOT FIX THINGS FOR ME I have 7.9 beta 2 installed and I wanted to check if I'm doing the right thing in BigBox to get this up and running. Initial I had selected platform categories in LB thinking that was all that had to be done. When I ran BB it was just showing the various platform. I went into the settings and selected show platform categories as default, but BB just displays my platforms rather than my platform categories. Usually with things like this BB/LB creates a folder structure for thinks like this, but has not. I yet to get some lo
  13. I'm happy personally that we have the arcade playlists automatically populating. I for one could never find out with any great certainty what games in the Mame set go into each of playlist or for that matter what systems were in the Mame set. If it's automated correctly then I'm happy, and because I've not had a Hyperspin setup with all the Arcade categories I wouldn't know the total number of games I should expect to see in each. The only issue I've seen, for those of you who missed my earlier post, is certain games from other platforms are showing in the playlist, which Jason has said h
  14. Jason, did you work on the issue I pointed out, where after importing my MAME collection, certain other platforms were showing in the Arcade playlists? If yes do you need some testing done, I'm happy to import my mame collection again.
  15. I will do! It might be a massive list however because just before I switched of my PC I had a look in a few other places and FBA stuff is in CAVE and Konami Classic. Still, I'll check back tomorrow night guys
  16. It's a pain though to pick out some of the FBA stuff, although in most cases the game theme videos are different for the MAME stuff. I won't be able to revisit this until 5pm GMT but I'm happy to plod along and get a nice big list going. However at the speed Jason works it will be done and dusted soon I'm sure
  17. I'm just over the moon that the feature is there. I always hated just having one big Arcade folder. Thank you Jason
  18. Sure will start something now Capcom Classics playlist (show the following games) (Wii U) Super Mario Maker (Atari ST) Willow, Strider, Mercs, Commando, (Final Burn Alpha) Dokaben, Dugeons and Dragons Shadow over Mystara, Dark Stalkers, Capcom Sports Club, Capcom Bowling Capcom CPS-1 (Wii U) Super Mario Maker (I deleted this in the above playlist but all games above appear in CPS-1 so I assume it would have been here also) (Atari ST) Willow, Strider, Mercs Capcom CPS-2 (Atari ST) 1944, Here is a start to the list, I have an early start
  19. No I use Steem SSE to emulate Atari ST
  20. It is a bit strange and since posting I've discovered a few more. Mercy for the ST although the capcom arcade version is present and Strider for the ST. So it appears the games in some of the other platform are getting linked to the arcade playlist? Having just discovered the ST game strider I thought to check the ST platform and sure enough when I popped into the games list the wheel strarted from Strider in the ST list. I'm happily deleting the games from the playlists but it would be nice to know why it's happening Games also show in Capcom CPS 1, not the Wii U game however. I'm
  21. Hey guys! I'm not sure if it's been mentioned recently but I'm seeing a few strange things having imported my 183 non merged MAME set. I left everything as default, only selecting to import originals. The import completed with no errors and the various playlists were created. Just having a quick browse through capcom classics as an example, and for some strange reason a Atari ST game and a Wii U game have showed up in this playlist. Willow and Super Mario Maker or the ones I've found so far. Just thought I point this out.... Just updated to the current stable release I believe
  22. Just wanted to check that I understood you with regards to part 9 of your guide. Can I remove the folders from these directories vldp' and 'vldp_dl' and Merge them together?
  23. I recently added my 183 non merged Mame set to Launchbox because if the implementation of playlists. Im using the latest mame emulator and after the import I noticed various new playlist. I selected only to import originals and kept all the tick boxes checked to ignore clones, adult games etc. 1258 or so games were imported, but some classic seem to be absent. I had a few things to ask and maybe you guys can help... 1) A Daphne playlist has appeared and I have 5 or so games within. However no Space Ace or Dragons Lair is present in the list? Are these games in the Mame sets? I s
  24. I found the populating of the Platform/Playlist download menu to be really slow at present. Seeing as I've had a break from LB I can't compare it to previous beta releases but it takes a while to populate when I think back to how it was a month or so ago. My list also populated non Alphabetically?? See my image Also I wanted to point out, and this maybe a Mame import issue that the system Sammy Atomiswave is present in the video list and yet I have not got this system in my list or added in anyway as far as I know? Sorry to bundle everything into one thread but ju
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