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  1. That would be fantastic if you could, I’d be very greatful 😀😀
  2. I’ve already imported my mame roms and have those playlists visible, so if I understand you correctly all I need to do is add the mame emulator again and then do the edit. And point to the new emulator folder? If memory serves I’ll need to tell it my rom path as well because all the roms are in my mame emulator/roms folder. Wow! Light guns are pretty pricey 😩 Ah well if you want the real experience you’ve gotta pay the price. BTW how difficult was it to configure the gun for the American Laser Games?
  3. Great, thanks for the reply! How did you single out the light gun games from that huge list of mame games? Did you by chance import the games through LB and select playlists and then just copy the relevant roms from the main folder? How did you make sure you got all the relevant files? I only ask because I’ve never really had much luck finding any information about extracting games from a mame set, I’ve just seen a few scripts floating around that extract certain systems. It would be interesting to know how one finds out which games are from which system and how to produce the s
  4. Ah OK, that makes sense now. So apart from my Daphne games I should be able to change all the paths within LB. It’s nice to see that from my initial foray in LB and then my break from it all,that returning to LB I find that the forums still remains one of the most helpful and friendly forums I’ve come across. Thank you all for the help! Now if you can excuse my I have missing covers to find and game descriptions to edit and if I have time I may just play some games. 😀😀
  5. Okey dokey, so having not looked at the data folder and being away from the PC in question, does a xml exist named platforms and does that include all the path information for each system? I’m following you with regards to the game paths but are you saying that apart from changing those paths, The copying and pasting of the Launchbox folder to my external drive will work just fine and will see all the vids and images without issue?
  6. The games for the most part are in the Launchbox games folder with maybe the exception of Daphne which is within the Daphne folder in my emulators folder. Like I said the Launchbox folders is on my D drive and is being copied to an external drive which will be drive letter H. All paths at present as you would expect are pointing at D Thank you for the info, but having used those two methods to alter the rom paths in the platform xml, will all the other folders eg images, video still be pointing at D ?
  7. Before I tackle adding American Laser Games as a platform and the MAME Light gun games, I wondered if I needed to pick up a light gun to play these games properly or is there support for other control devices I understand that I’ll need Daphne singe for ALG and MAME64 for my mame set. From past experience MAME recognises controllers and you just need to make small changes to map the insert coin button etc. Do I have to configure the light gun games within mame or will they work out of the box. I also wondered what works best with Daphne singe? I like to hear your experiences with th
  8. Thanks guys, forgot to reply to this post oops 😬
  9. I started from scratch with my Launchbox setup having taken a break from the whole scene for a while and I’ve been adding stuff onto my laptop. I’m now running out of space on my D drive and I’m in the process of copying the whole Launchbox folder to my H drive which is an external. I came across a post here yesterday but can’t find it now that talked about using note ++ to bulk edit the Launchbox.xml I recall that the post was from 2017 and I wondered if there was a quicker way to change all my paths for roms,video,images, from D to H I think it was a post from lordmonkus but
  10. I've never added any custom categories just used the generic onces within LB I'm not sure of the changes made in the new beta releases although I elected to download them, but I added the Sega Saturn as usual within the tools menu, choosing Sega Saturn as a platform and importing the roms. In the past they would then be added once imported to the relevant platform catagory. Looking at the edit menu for Sega Saturn it has root checked as well as consoles and locomailto games are just present in the root. So what I find strange is both systems that I added did two different things
  11. Just wondered if anyone is experiencing the following. I added sega saturn last night and it is present within the consoles section but the sega saturn logo is also showing in the bar with arcade, computers, handhelds etc while running BB. Also noticed another of my additions is displayed in the same section On beta 3 btw
  12. Thank you for the screen shots! very helpful I had one last question... I've gone on the Mednafen website and I can't seem to find the keys the are used during the disk swapping process. could you list them for me if possible
  13. Hi Zombeaver... I’m just adding the Sega Saturn Platform and had some questions on the m3u file you mention above. I have 15 games, 5 of which are multi disk games. All are in bin/cue format and each in separate folders. ‘I gather from the discussion in this thread that for multi disk games I import the m3u file as my rom. I was wondering what folder structure I need to have for my multi disk games? Using Enemy Zero as an example, would I create on folder named Enemy Zero and place all the bin/cue files in it along with the “Enemy Zero.m3u” file? Then import the m3u file? with the
  14. Awesome job!! Reminds me of the demo scene days of the Atari St and Amiga.... Ahhh! Those were the days 😀
  15. Just got this error when trying to add a new platform from the tools menu. All I wanted to do was create a Windows platform on the root and add my locomailto games added as roms under a Locomailto platform.. On 8.8 beta 3 Object reference not set to an instance of an object. App: LaunchBox Version: 8.8-beta-3 Type: System.NullReferenceException Site: Void (Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Forms.AddEditPlatformForm) Source: LaunchBox at (AddEditPlatformForm ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Desktop.Forms.AddEditPlatformForm.LoadValues() at Unbroken.Lau
  16. Away from my LB system and finally decided to add some indie PC games to my setup. I found a retro developer called locomailto and he has a number of freeware pc and pc mini games. I wondered if you can add these windows games as a custom platform and scrape as windows like you can with the rom importer?? I’m sure you can, but being away from my LB PC I wanted to know the answer rather than wait and experiment when I got home Cheers
  17. Hi guys. I’ve just finished watching ETA prime’s Daphne tutorial but can’t go past the section where he refers to downloading the daphne Downloader. Three files that are to be places into the Daphne emulator folder, to get the Daphne games that are legally available to download. So really I’m stuck, can anyone point me in the right direction to get these three files. At 1.02 he mentions the files I talk about. I assume I need these for the Downloader to work? Any help would be appreciated! 😀
  18. I came across these scripts for grabbing the Naomi games from the mame sets and wondered if anyone has updated them to work with the latest Mame set (Split) I’d imported my mame set the other day and added around 2k of games but wanted separate platforms for Naomi, Sega Hikaru etc With so many games in mame is there a script or app doing the rounds that could pull out or identify the relevant files so that I can separate them into folders Any help would be most appreciated
  19. I’m no expert but I’d imagine not. I guess what you would have to do would be to extract the iso’s Contents to a folder. If you have a cue file or gdi files after extracting the iso then you can run the bat file included in the .7z file and it will work it’s magic. I must admit I’m very impressed with the compression of my Dreamcast games, so much so that I’ve converted my whole gdi collection to .chd. well worth the time and effort if space is an issue on your drives
  20. Nice. I'd do the same but paranoid of screen burn on my OLED but probably just being silly Thank you for the help!!
  21. Good to know ty... Do you have the premium version of Redream, if so, how does the upscaling look?
  22. The zipped Files include a gdi file plus loads of track#.raw/bin files of different sizes. Is it safe to extract all the games into one directory mixing them all up together or should I be unzipping each to a folder before running those files you mention. I did wonder though if the gdi acts like a cue file and has all of the relevant info of what files are associated with it and that the prg’s you’ve linked can sort it all out?
  23. Will do later when I get home... It looks like you helped someone else as well
  24. What do I use to convert the gdi files to Chd ? Does Redream switch between chd’s For multi disk games automatically?
  25. I want to add SEGA Dreamcast to my Launchbox setup and an looking to use redream.It doesn’t say on there website what file formats it supports just cdi, does anyone know. I also have three more questions Best Dreamcast emulator to date? I have all my games zipped to save space and know that there is an option to un zip roms. I wondered if that is selected will LB in zip all the files for a multi disk game before launching. How does redream and other emulators deal with multi disk game My games are zipped gdi with other files Eg Grandia II (Disc1).7z Gr
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