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  1. Thanks for the reply’ do you suggest using the latest development build? Also do we need to make those edits to the ini or xml file to make saves more reliable with whd files
  2. Zombeaver your tutorial is awesome and although I started to follow it I never completed adding the Amiga system. I’ve scanned through this post and I see the emulator author has made some changes to the emulator with your tutorial in mind. I just wanted to check what has changed and wha things are irrelevant in the tutorial video. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing that the launcher bit is not needed now. I also see that some support has been added for PRELOAD. So I wondered if the PRELOAD command is added automatically from scanning the dB? Could you briefly tell me what’s changed so I don’t waste time on things that have been superseded by the emulator updates Thanks. 👍
  3. I’ve been adding the PS1 and PS2 platforms and because the collection are large I have most of the games zipped. PS1 I’ve opted for the PBP compression for multi disk games and for single games they are unzipped or zipped. Moving on to PS2 I want to keep things zipped to save space. All my zipped files are iso’s. When you add multi disk games in LB, as standard all disks will be under one entry, so I wondered what happens with multi disk games when you instruct LB to unzip them? When you run the game will LB unzip all disks/cd’s to a temp folder so that disk swapping is possible or will I need to unzip these files or do something with the folder structure? I’m emulating PS2 with PCSX2
  4. One again stellar work Jason, this front end is awesome and it’s so interesting to see it evolve!! Anyhoo, I just had a simple question for you guys regarding the new features for auto populating playlists. I’ve not had time to check this out but I was curious how the wizard deals with the creation of gentle playlists that are classed as more than one genre, eg puzzle fighter for instance? I’m sure this will all become clear as I dabble, but in the mean time I was just curious
  5. I wondered if you knew what version of Chdman you linked to me the other day. I've been reading the latest version is v6 and that V1-5 is supported in Retroarch and some emulators only support earlier versions?? I'm curious about Mega CD, which I assume is the same as Sega CD? I asked about this in another post and wondered if you used chdman on the few multi disk games. I read a post from 2017 concerning Retroarch that you had to leave the multi disk games as is because multi disk chd's would not work. I use Retroarch for most of the CD based (Older Systems) If you got a similar setup I wondered if you have noticed any problems running games compressed to chd files for the following systems PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD, PC-FX, PlayStation, Sega Saturn Cheers you've been a great help and made my hard drives happy 😀
  6. I’m trying to free up space on my Launchbox drive and discovered that chd files can be used for Sega CD. I wanted to check some things I’ve read with the current state of the Sega CD core. So it seems from what I’ve read so far that you can convert single disc games to .chd but multi disk games need to remain as bin & cue’s Apparently there are two cores thar emulate Sega CD, One core doesn’t support chd file the other does. what core do you guys suggest and do you have any suggest and do you have any experiences in using chd files with this system. thanks
  7. Hey neil9000, just wanted to drag this thread back to life to ask a related question to chdman... Is the bat file you linked just for Dreamcast conversion or can I use the bat and exe to convert any cue files to chd? cheers
  8. I have MAME setup and have really not had to configure any controls so far. For the most part the universal defaults work fine with my 360 controller. The only thing I’ve mapped was the d-pad because trying to play Street Fighter was a bit of a challenge on the analogue stick. The one thing that I’ve not figured out is the light gun games. I’ve watched a few tutorial on using the mouse for light gun games but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. At present I can use the keyboard and the analogue stick to control the targets on the light gun games but it’s very difficult and less accurate than using a mouse. The tutorial below is one that I tried The only problem is that when I go to those inputs and press enter and move up and down and left and right MAME doesn’t register anything. I’m using a laptop and both the touch pad and a usb mouse fail to register and they both work fine out of MAME. I’m no expert on MAME but as default it seems some of these things are already mapped as default but don’t work. I should also point out that while in the input menu and trying to configure the mouse there is a little brown pointer which does move but as I said before it just doesn’t register the movement and so I’ve no idea what the issue is. I have a vague recollections that I can delete the MAME.ini if I mess up the controls to much and can use the command prompt to create another, if you guys know what I’m talking about do you know what I have to type. So to sum up Running Win 10 Using one Xbox 360 controller mame 0.201 set Hope you can see what I might be doing wrong?
  9. I've seen those pinball setups going for 4k, no wonder you are doing one for yourself!! I love pinball table!! Is that Hyperpin you are using
  10. How was it to build and setup? Thanks for the info
  11. I’d like to make some platform banners and platform logos and recently used the generic windows paint program to do so. I also tried to edit some current logos I have and noticed that when I did it lost it’s transparency. I imagine Microsoft paint is rather limited, so can someone recommend a freeware graphics program that I could use to create and edit images?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I am a premium member so I’ll go off and grab those bits this weekend
  13. I just had a quick question regarding the Unified themes for LB I’ve spent the last month or so setting up my LB build and getting all the videos and artwork but it’s a mix selection. I like the look of what I have but had never really looked at the Unified themes and now that I have I’d thinking of using it. ‘I just wondered if in most cases activating the theme is pretty seamless and in general most of the systems you have will be picked up without much renaming and will display correctly?
  14. I’ve recently had a second attempt at building my LB setup having taken some time off and essentially started from scratch. I achieved more this time around and I’m on a roll. It is nice to have a setup running on my PC and connected to my TV but deep down I would love to have a bar top or full arcade cabinet setup. The prospect of constructing an Arcade cabinet seem from the outside looking in to be slightly more involved/complicated than just doing a straight forward LB build. I’d Really like to get something up and running over the next 6 months or so but don’t really know where to start. I’m based in the UK and see a large selection of retailers in the US that provide all manner of cases, even huge 4 player plug in and play modular controller. Unfortunately most won’t ship to the UK I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences during your builds, and any pitfalls you came across during the process. Also any recommendations on buttons, joysticks, monitors, light guns etc would be most appreciated.
  15. I had a question for you DOS76 regarding the above... I'm not using Demul for Dreamcast so that's not an issue, but is my understanding correct with the following. All systems in your images can be run with demul but if I want to run Gaelco games, it best to run another instance of Demul eg Demul and Demul [Gaelco games] Can you explain the DX11 issue a little further Using demul07_111117
  16. Awesome, thanks for the help, most appreciated
  17. I have the following systems sorted into separate folders and all files are zipped except the CHD folders. I also have the bios files for each in a bios folder and each system’s bios is zipped Sega System SP Sega Hikaru Sega Naomi (1&2 as well as GD versions) Gaelco Sammy Atomiswave I see various posts here for setting up Naomi and Brad’s video covers the setup pretty well. There are a few questions I have that will help me in the long run so perhaps you guys can clear a few things up. 1) Will DEmul emulate all of the above systems? 2) I don’t see Sega System SP listed in the LB database, does it perhaps go by another name? 3) My set was not extracted from my imported MAME 0.2.01 set and following Brads tutorial he suggests pointing DEmul to the MAME folder for the Bios files. I have a folder with all the bios files for all the above, will it be OK to just place that folder within the DEmul root and point to that? Will it be ok to leave all bios files zipped? 4) Is it preferable to leave all the games/chd in the root of DEmul folder in my emulators directory as Brad suggests or can you put them in your games folder? 5) I thought I might Import the Naomi content in 4 sections but in my search only seem to find clear logos for Naomi 1 & 2. Anyone here got clear logo’s for Naomi 1gd & 2gd Sorry to return to something that has been covered to death 😀 but with limited time I just wanted some clarity before I add this stuff, in order to avoid pulling my hair out later 🤪 Thanks Guys
  18. I’ve only added what ETA prime suggests in his tut video, to the hot keys tab, which is for pressing escape to exit the emu I believe
  19. Just wondered if any of you guys came accross this error while launching games. the games seem to continue to load without problem but my curious mind wonders what this error means. Error does not present itself when run outside of Launchbox.
  20. I see now that rather than entering command lines for each table, JaysArcade has made a Future Pinball Launcher. I have missed a whole load of new feature implementations due to a break from LB my understanding sometimes is limited by this and I seem to be playing catchup all the time . I wondered if the FP.ahk within the zip which contains the command Run, "Future Pinball.exe" /open "%1%" /play /exit, is placed in the Future Pinball folder with the launcher like in the pictures or the information within it is put in the auto hotkeys tab which seems to be a new addition to me since I last used LB. I maybe wrong and just haven't noticed the tab at all?? For those of you who have this setup just let me know thank you
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