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  1. Cheers mate going to have some media videos up soon too.
  2. Can't stress enough how much I like this
  3. This is my SNES CD/ MSU-1 Collection 40 games. Themes are little out as made this before Riffman81 released his pack so will update with that. One of my Fav platforms sounds amazing!!! and a comparison video And some TMNT IV gameplay
  4. Absolutely suburb set up .....Love it!!!!
  5. win vice is the only option mate
  6. I have 120000 roms but many are duplicates . Am now in the process of deleting them.
  7. Imagine .............. Ive tried a few but launchbox is my fav by far.
  8. Thanks mate Difficulties? as in setting them up?
  9. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been setting up various systems that have become more difficult to set up. It started with the Daphne and Laser Disk game thenTaito Type X which led all the way to Sega Ring Edge . The Sega Ring Egde is started by Launchbox which then triggers Rocketlauncher and the fade screen/ bezel which in turn opens up Game Launcher RH to set the resolution and graphic enhancemnets finally using Parrot Launcher to open the game and implement controls. Not an easy process at all to get right. So it got me thinking what difficult and obscure systems has the
  10. @JaysArcade thanks for that i thought that was the case Ill take another look when i ahve a chance
  11. Hey Jay thanks for the mention. All I have is Pinball fx2 however i have the same issue with it as op. it just boots up the game and i select the table from selction screen. I have tried a few methods to get it to work but does the same. I am running a non-steam "stand alone of the cracked variety " so maybe this is my issue????? Its the only variable that maybe differnet i think although only had a quick look at it. (its the Jan 2017 version if that makes any difference).
  12. I feel your frustration as getting any emulator set up can be frustrating. LB launches every emulator I have every thrown at it. Rocketlauncher is a choice and is not mandatory to use but offers lots of benefits and features. If launchbox is a front end then rocketlauncher is the back end and works together with launchbox and other front ends, to bring these features to the table. I think your right that pinball maybe takes a back seat to most which is shame. Is it just pinball you want set up with LB?
  13. Emu movies has some media packs
  14. @bundangdon and @Retro808 thanks for the mention and glad my tutorials are helping. They are designed to get systems running and utilising what they need to 1st, offer maximum capatability and 2nd, improved graphical capabilities of games and systems. (Taking the N64 for example I show how to use retroarch to get majority of games working with upscaled graphics and other improvements and then using project 64 to run games, with different plugins, to get the problematic games running like rogue squadron and resi evil 2 running and fully playable). By not going into too much detail and onl
  15. I have been producing a number of tutorials and showcases over the last few months for Launchbox and was wondering if i could use and promote some of the excellent work the community has done. For example using a differnt start up video as an intro to tutorials. obivously giving credit to the creator in the comments. Im unsure of any legal and/ or morale issues around this. Any feedback much appreciated????
  16. Dude this is amazing and love it although have to ask 1) Why thru and not through? 2) it should be Aamber Pegasus to ZX spectrum instead of Apple These are just thoughts but love it mate. Well done
  17. Use Launchbox with Rocketlauncher. I have a tutorial on full set up here: https://youtu.be/3KOhWbUYL58
  18. Can i ask if you have deleted the image cache?
  19. Over the last few weeks I have created a set of tutorials to Setup Launchbox with Rocketlauncher. I have received some positive feedback and thought I would share here. So far there are 12 tutorials which is growing on daily basis. Find the full playlist here:
  20. It would be great if he could as i have just renamed 101 game themes for the genesis. While i use fat match which can rename quickly most are done manually which takes some time
  21. I love the work the community here has created. Is there any chance that the download section could have a zip file download with all files in? I'm finding it time consuming to download individual files especially if there are alot. Also any chance we could remove the underscore as i have to rename every file? Again thanks to everyone for there hard work and contributions
  22. Not sure if my issue is the same but it is simalar. When I scape Arcade I download multiple images that are identical. For instance apb rom has 6 images for the cabinet all of them are the same. I have set it up to only import parent roms with no adult, quiz and the like so it imports around 3000 games . Any ideas ?
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