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  1. its ok, ive got it all sorted.
  2. Wow probably the best theme available, really well done. The only thing not working for me for some reason is i have no details of the games? I might reinstall everything and see what happens but really great thanks
  3. Not sure if its me only but the menu music doesnt stop when i load a game.
  4. hi. thanks for the replay. i dont see a difference? its ok though. a great theme, i love the nintendo ones. wii and wiiu are amazing.
  5. Hi really good. i love the mini themes. by any chance could we get a dreamcast version without the box outline. just have a tile like other themes?
  6. hi, amazing theme. works great for most systems but just a little feedback, dreamcast seems too zoomed in. boxes are very large and game title over laps in the boxes. other than that, amazing work!
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