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  1. Theme has been updated...here is some large obnoxious text that I use to avoid questions... *******1.6.2 Changes Added the new plugin as well as new properties,that fix the previous issues with Arcade Playlists displaying the proper artwork when either user created,or nested. The update has been applied to the Default theme,as well as the Arcade theme. The Consoles,Handhelds,Pinball,etc. did not require any changes,and have not received an update. The current versions,with the fixes,are labeled v1.6.2 If you receive an error,please make sure you have unblocked the DLL file in the plugin folder of the theme. This does Require Launchbox/Big Box Version 9.1 or higher to work If you are experiencing issues with The playlist functions,please make sure you are using version 1.6 of this theme or above,as well as version 9.1 of Launchbox.
  2. @Jason Carr Ok.... So there actually was exactly 153 characters in the line,and the line ended just after the final " in the code...which is why I was confused by the error,because to me ,the whole thing looked ok.. I found out the problem though. When I CTRL-C copied the code you posted,something weird happened.It wasn't actually visible until I manually pressed the right arrow key through each letter to count them. It placed an invisible spacer in the middle of some words...6 of them to be exact. I had to delete these,but,when I did,it looked as if I was deleting nothing because the cursor didn't move at all...but,it deleted them. I am guessing,since you are pro at coding,you know some term for this strange phenomena,but,I have no idea what happened. Long story short,after heavy testing,I can say everything is peachy now,with no errors. I reverted all my playlist Auto Generate settings back to default,and it looks good to go. Thanks for fixing the issue !
  3. @Jason Carr So I added the plugin to the folder...unblocked it...added the xmlns line to the usercontrols... and changed my code to this..I added line numbers for reference... <!-- BACKGROUND --> Line 80: <PathSelector:PrioritizedPathSelector x:Name="BackgroundFileName" FolderPath="Themes\Unified Refried\Images\Theme\Background" FileExtension=".jpg" Line 81: Priority1FileName="{Binding FilterTitle}" Line 82: Priority2FileName="{Binding KnownPlatformOrPlaylistTitle}" /> Line 83: <Image x:Name="BackgroundImage" Grid.ColumnSpan="7" Grid.RowSpan="8" Source="{Binding PrioritizedFilePath, ElementName=BackgroundFileName, FallbackValue='pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Unified Refried/Images/Theme/Background/_Default.jpg'}" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="0" Stretch="Fill" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" /> I now get this error message...
  4. Some more finished Logo sets...as well as a couple that were missing art and got fixed...total is up to 83 unique logo sets,which makes it 746 logos...
  5. These took a while...did the best I could with nothing out there to reference...Obviously HBMAME is just a recolored MAME
  6. No such thing as "Standard" when it comes to creativity. Wether you download your free cinematic video from this guy,or your free cinematic video from that guy,is up to you...but,not everyone has the same style.
  7. Make sure you refresh platform logos in the options menu after you place a new logo in the folder All Locations..... Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Genre Type)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Platform All Games)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Platform Favorites)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Platform Cooperative)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Platform MultiPlayer)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(Platform Single Player)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Platform Categories/(Platform Genres)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Platform Categories/(Platform Play Modes)/Clear Logo/ Launchbox/Images/Platform Categories/(Platform Regions)/Clear Logo/
  8. Some more of the systems completed so far (8 Logos Per System)....can anyone make guesses as to what some of these are?...
  9. Or my theme...I have over 200 platforms covered atm.
  10. Yeah...it's the only problematic Arcade playlist. I renamed mine to "Arcade Pinball" because I have a program called "Pinball Arcade" on my cabinet,and it conflicts with it in terms of artwork/platform video. Mine is displaying the artwork fine though,and all I did was change the playlist and nested name to "Arcade Pinball"...the videoborder and background should be named "Arcade Pinball" as well.
  11. So the way I originally was doing it,by changing the Auto Generating Filter from Platform to Genre...It didn't work in the end...for some reason most playlists were fine....but,then I got to "Platform Games" and the change made it create a playlist with 2600 games in it...so I knew then it wasn't gonna work.It wasn't creating a filter for MAME Genre...it was just nullifying it as a filter because MAME Genre doesn't exist. That's the bad news...the good news is that after alot of trial and error,I managed to get it working a different way. I deleted the filter for Platform/Arcade altogether and added one for Application/Rom Path - Contains instead. I typed in my Rom directory and voila! It works. I have put this filter in for every Classics as well as every Genre playlist for MAME,and they all are correct,and functioning with the correct artwork....but,most importantly they are nested. I noticed that even on the top level,non nested user created playlists used the default artwork instead of the designated art...but this filter change fixed that too. This is only an issue with arcade...consoles are fine Anyone with my theme,wishing to do this as a fix/temp fix will need to drop the word arcade from the front of the playlists as well....or alternatively you can go into the images folder and add the word Arcade to the start of the VideoBorders and Backgrounds for Arcade playlists (This is the suggested method,because moving forward,all updates to my theme will have Arcade at the front of the playlist cabinet art file names)...either method will work. Now,with all this said @Jason Carr I am just curious if changing the way Auto Generated playlists for Arcade are created,filters I mean....and having it auto enter the mame rom path,leaving off the Platform/Arcade filter altogether would be the easiest way to fix this?.....then playlists can be nested and use the proper art. People have to point Launchbox to the mame rom directory when they import the roms,even before making the playlists...so it stores that info already. Or if that's to difficult,maybe when they are prompted to create the playlists,they point to the roms again for that separate task? Just spit-balling here.
  12. Mind if I link to this video in the theme description? I would make my own,but my Elgato is acting funny lately and not holding the signal
  13. Hmm..I am not experiencing the screen tearing on my end...not sure what could be causing it,and if I am not getting it,it's tough to figure out how to fix it
  14. There is a Collections Addon available on the Unified Refried download page...it's the first theme at the top of the download list. You will have to activate it for every collection wheel,but,all of the art is in there for backgrounds and borders. I do have a Genres addon there as well,but,the developers one was never fully completed,so I haven't released it yet
  15. I have updated all metadata yesterday...My genres are the same as yours I promise you,lol. I am using an auto generated Beat Em Ups playlist as well. I am just showing what worked...I have no clue how either,but,it does...I am doing it to all of the Genre lists atm and they are all working. The problem though,is that I also have a Classics sub-menu,which houses all of my Arcade Classics playlists....and nothing seems to fix those My NES theme,and Favorites Themes are 2 separate themes....so while you would use the NES theme on the Games Wheel...you could use the NES Favorites theme on the Favorites playlist. They call to different assets,in different folders...so any changes I make in the Favorites theme,don't effect the NES Addon theme
  16. This is a limitation of the TextGamesView...nothing can be changed as of now...and it is actually working as it should be
  17. It does not change the games in the playlist...checked a few genres and they all are accurate after the change (amount of games is exactly the same) Also,I just figured out the Favorites issue @angelobodetti was having,which is the only other issue with this as of now...It was a naming issue. I changed the VideoBorder name in my favorites theme from "Nintendo Entertainment System Favorites" to "Nintendo Entertainment System" dropping the favorites tag,and it works fine...so I will have to rename all my art and re-release the Favorites theme
  18. I may be on to something though @Jason Carr Check this out... This is with art assets named "Arcade Beat Em Ups" in the folders... I should also note,that Platform/Contains/Arcade shows the same results as the first pic (ie; incorrect artwork) ...It was only when I switched the first option to "Genre" instead of "Platform" that it worked...of course adding "Contains" as well.
  19. Unfortunately I can verify this is not the problem... Take "Beat Em Ups" for example... I have it under Arcade>Genres>Beat Em Ups>GamesView I have tried naming the VideoBorder Arcade Beat Em Ups Arcade Genres Beat Em Ups Arcade Genres Arcade Beat Em Ups Genres Beat Em Ups Genres Arcade Beat Em Ups And none of them showed the correct VideoBorder...it always shows the Arcade VideoBorder from the Parent
  20. Alright...I figured out the issue,and tested Redux to have the same exact problem...so it isn't the theme. @Jason Carr I will tag you ,as I am sure you would like to hear about the issue as well,so maybe there is a fix of some kind. This pertains to the "KnownPlatformorPlaylistTitle" command recently added. If your Arcade Platform List looks like this: Then everything works fine with the command...but,if your setup looks like this... Then it does not display the designated artwork for the ones underlined in red,instead it shows the artwork from the root parent,which is "Arcade". Although it does display the artwork correctly for green,and possibly blue,but that wasn't verified. When I change to "FilterTitle" it works perfectly across all Arcade Platforms/Playlists no matter how nested they are...but,it also borks up the rest of the systems in the theme (Consoles,Handhelds,etc) I know this was tested before release,and I said it was good..but,I just started to deal with nested categories after someone mentioned an issue yesterday,and then after a day of tinkering,found this to be the issue. When I made changes that fixed it for them,it broke it for me...and vice versa...turns out,it's because we use different menu systems in our setup.
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