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  1. Ok..either you are doing something really right...or i'm doing something really wrong... You are saying,that in the default theme,with no addon enabled,you can see (for example) the Konami Classics arcade machine border,while browsing the Konami Classics games wheel?...and all you had to do was drop the borders back into the default themes videoborder folder?
  2. Some discs were not spinning in the Consoles addons....and I have reworked the Arcade theme,as well as how the Default theme handles playlists...you probably want to update,as there were more problems then what you were experiencing
  3. Released version 1.6.1 with changes to the Console,Arcade,and Default themes...do not overwrite the themes...you must delete the old ones and place the new versions in the theme folder
  4. Thanks for bringing it to my attention...it's not intentional. I have a couple other things to go over with the default theme,as apparently it's not playing well with the changes in arcade playlists...after i sort it out I will update with the wii-u theme fixed,as well as any other bug reports.
  5. The box/cart/disc art sizes are somewhat intentional...I have planned to go through each theme and resize/finalize/fix positioning for that stuff...but,just haven't had the time
  6. Not yet...it's a separate thing....i'm still working on them a bit
  7. go into "WheelGamesView","Wheel2GamesView", and "Wheel3GamesView" xaml files in the default theme....change the instances that say FilterTitle to KnownPlatformOrPlaylistTitle Save them and see if this fixes it...it shoud...somehow the default slipped by me for that change "TextGamesView" as well
  8. Is this in the Default theme,or are you using the Arcade addon? When you say "categories other than arcade", do you mean consoles and handheld system playlists show no logo?
  9. Refried has been updated to version 1.6! Please update your Main theme as well as any addons you currently use
  10. What's the difference between a Startup screen and a Fade screen? Just the ability to fade?
  11. I'm just gonna see how this goes...because it sounds like I need to make a new project folder soon.
  12. I have to update the Default theme...as well as the Collections/Genres/Developer/Favorites packages...the platform addons should technically not need any changes. I will make that a priority today. I'm pretty sure the default sounds...I haven't messed with sounds yet
  13. The Refried theme is not set up that way...in order to do what you are asking,it requires a rewrite of the Platform view xaml. You can feel free to browse through the default Refried menu artwork..it's in the Images folder inside the theme...and you can replace them with the ones you want to use...but,you will still need to alter the location and size of the video,as well as remove alot of stuff you don't want from it or it will still show. This will also only change the default artwork,so it will be the same across the whole theme for all platforms. If you want different art for each system,while it is possible,that's just not possible with this theme. I did mess around with different images for each system in the platform view,but,it was not the direction I wanted to go in the end with the theme,so I abandoned the idea and scratched the code.
  14. Took me most of the day just for this one...but,it came out better than I thought it would...
  15. You can run any main theme you want really...as long as you have the Unified Refried default theme in your theme folder for the addons to reference..the game info screen will take on the properties of the main theme though
  16. Had to draw up my rendition of these ScummVM fonts to use for the logos i'm making...apparently the actual font doesn't exist...
  17. Just checking a few things here... They are not showing up where exactly?...in the popup list when you press the hotkey to change themes,while in a platform game view? If you set the hotkey,then while in a game view...atari 2600 for example...you press that hotkey and select "Unified Refried - Atari 2600" from the popup Is this where the issue is coming in at?
  18. Here is a sample sheet with 1 logo from a bunch of the other sets I have completed
  19. Sega Ringedge is already in the theme,as well as in the Arcade addon...the other 2 are not...i'll see what I can do after my current project is finished.
  20. This is exactly how I got started like 5 years ago! I actually use GIMP most of the time as well...2.10.0 to be exact...but I keep older versions as well,to use for different features that they cut out.In 2.10 I just use the default drop shadow settings,also,using the Cartoon and Median Blur filters (In low amounts) can really make a picture look clearer than it originally was. In the color menu,play around with the Brightness-Contrast and Saturation settings as well..they can make the artwork pop when used in moderation.
  21. Thanks!...It is working on my end..but,until he does an official release with the fix,and not just a beta release,I will not update the files in the download section. The reason being,that the current Big Box,for those that don't use beta releases,would break the theme with the changes implemented already. He should be updating the Official really soon though.
  22. Done 16 systems so far today..sleep time now...but,here is a sample of a few I got done...
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