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  1. This is awesome...as I currently have a large pdf collection already,I would love to get ahold of your premade setup (minus the actual books)...It would look great in my setup,and make D&D night more convenient. I will have to make a platform category video for "Books & Magazines" now if I set this up
  2. Check the priority list in Launchbox options..make sure you have Background Fanart turned on (Check marked)
  3. You have to disable it in Launchbox and Bigbox options...there are two places
  4. Jason is right..I am currently working on one with a default background for every platform...and it will be very "tweakable"...I am putting every project on hold at the moment though due to the holidays,but,I will pick it back up after new years,and it shouldn't take long to get the initial setup out.
  5. I was responding to OP...you typed a reply the same time I did. I realize there is much more to RL...I have devoted the last 4-5 years of my creativity bug to RL and the media it displays.
  6. Look in your Backups folder...there should be a file,or files like the ones highlighted in the picture below...copy the one with the most recent date,into the root of the Data folder and rename it to Parents.xml
  7. I remember having to actually start the program up,and save the settings from within MAME,in order for it to create the ini file
  8. The Launchbox startup isn't breaking the emulator...the emulator is RocketLauncher...which it is loading fine. Once it loads RocketLauncher,it puts it in focus,which covers up the emulator that RocketLauncher is loading. It's simply not compatible with RocketLauncher...and probably never will be,as it is there to be an alternative to RocketLauncher...not work side-by-side with it.
  9. These marquees can be located in the "Unified Refried - Arcade" addon theme,and there are 8 of them currently...noone else was working on them except me as far as I know...and I am not currently working on them...I will,but,it's just not high on the priority list yet. If other people would like to work on them,they are more than welcome to.
  10. Fixed and reuploaded the Region logos...Europe and North America were changed
  11. Here is another mockup of a platform specific theme for the main menu,this time the SNES...
  12. for the main menu...it would be the default theme,with platform specific borders and artwork...like the pic above for nes. It's probably confusing now that I think about it. Not the Game Views...the Platform views. The only thing I have to get sorted before I work on the art,is transitioning from one system to the next gracefully.
  13. Another Idea I have been throwing around today btw...custom themes per platform for the main platform category view of Refried...but,who knows if I will have time for this anytime soon...it would take a bit of work.
  14. SNES Startup...takes about 5 minutes for each one now that I got the base one done..
  15. I was only joking..yeah,as soon as I finish messing around with custom startup screens I am gonna fix the region logos up
  16. Hmm...I did the same thing and it didn't work...I think I have an underlying issue in my setup that prevented it from showing up then...thanks for the info!
  17. Looks awesome...if you figure out how to set a default background per system,tag me please...I can't figure it out myself...and I would love to make specific Startup screens for my Refried theme that use the current backgrounds the theme uses.
  18. Region Playlist Clear Logos View File A set of clear logos for the Regions playlists...yep...that's about it... Just drop the logo into the Playlist folder for the appropriate region "Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(SystemName)(Region)/Clear Logo/" No need to rename or anything. Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 12/17/2018 Category Playlist Clear Logos  
  19. Version 1.1.0


    A set of clear logos for the Regions playlists...yep...that's about it... Just drop the logo into the Playlist folder for the appropriate region "Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(SystemName)(Region)/Clear Logo/" No need to rename or anything.
  20. Level 2 is the best track...I thought I linked the whole thing,but,I guess I linked just one song...it's like one of the greatest RPG soundtracks,to a non-RPG game. Yeah,the game isn't much to look at really,but,the fun is in the design...it's one of those "easy to learn,hard to master" type of games. I had no idea it was on the playstation classic either...I just found that out...I thought I was a fan of a hidden gem all these years,and come to find out it was super popular in japan.
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