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  1. Tested both CityHunter and CoinUp - both works fine. I also tested COLORFUL, which is using Ao.Bigbox.Themer (same as MinimalX), and got the same issue.
  2. It seems to be theme-related. I tried the default BB theme and it doesn't have the issue. Damn. Maybe @eatkinola is doing funky stuff in his framework. I really don't want to have to choose between his theme and the pause screen 😥
  3. I can easily replicate it using just MAME (v217) and RetroArch. Like mentioned previously, flip flopping between games from the two emulator is usually enough to cause it. Might be worth mentioning that I'm using the MinimalX theme from eatkinloa (with default startup and pause themes). I didn't test using the default BB theme (which, now that I'm saying it, sounds like something I should have done). I'm not using the keyboard automation, just regular keyboard binding. I'll have to do more testing. I didn't use to care about the pause screen, but now that I do, I can say I had the issue for months. I'm happy to see you working on this. Once I'm off work I'll see if I can identify anything else. Feel free to engage me as much as you want. I really want to see this fixed
  4. I'm attaching the relevant data files in case they can help rep roduce the issue... Data.zip
  5. Just closing and restarting fixes it for a round or 2... It's very erratic, and I'm having a hard time finding a pattern. Note that the emulator (be it Retroarch or MAME) will pause when hitting 'P' -- it's just the pause screen doesn't always show up (and again, once it stop showing up, so far it needs a restart of BigBox to fix it). That being said, even once it stops working, the pause screen can be called up using the controller binding.
  6. Nope. Tried removing the 2-buttons controller combo, restarted BigBox, did the dance again and the P key stops bringing up the pause screen after a couple of tries (NES: worked, MAME: worked, back to NES: stopped working). I really have no idea what makes it "stop working" (I don't think I ever saw it start working again without restarting BigBox).
  7. Hello @Jason Carr , @C-Beats I'm having issues with the pause screen in BigBox. I have the P key mapped in keyboard bindings to show the pause screen. I also have a controller shortcut (select+down). I can reproduce easily using the default pause screen. Launch BigBox Select a NES game (retroarch), launch it, wait 10 secs, press P (usually works, pause screen shows up). Exit game Select another NES game, launch it, wait 10 secs, press P (usually still works, pause screen shows up). Exit game Select a MAME game, launch it, wait 10 secs, press P... MAME pauses, but no pause screen :( Press select+down on my controller... pause screen shows up Return to game, press P, still no pause screen Return to a NES game, press P -- nothing... select+down on controller... pause screen shows up It seems to be something related to the binding of the key itself and not related to the actual pause screen since the controller shortcut always works. Also worth mentioning that it's not directly related to MAME or RetroArch... If I do the dance in reverse (start with MAME), then the pause screen usually shows up at first too. I tried enabling the debug logs, but it doesn't show anything meaningful (to me anyway). The only thing I got out of this is that pressing P doesn't log a 'Game Pause Called' message unless it worked. I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, but no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Yes.. This is on Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite (terrible game i know). Launching from LB, the "now loading" screen does show up for 15 secs. However, from BB, it only shows for 2 before returning to the game details screen (where the video starts playing again). The game eventually launch, but I'm trying to have the "now loading" screen stick around for 15 secs.
  9. I'm actually trying to launch a steam game.
  10. Maybe I'm missing something. Hopefully someone can help. I can set a custom startup delay in LaunchBox (let's say 15 secs). It works when launching the game from LaunchBox (if startup screen is enabled, obviously). However, BigBox doesn't seems to care and will only use its global setting (1,2,3,4 or 5 secs). Is this broken? Or am I overlooking a setting?
  11. Last beta seems to have fixed it for me.
  12. I'm having the same issue as someone else reported... Steam metadata doesn't get pulled at all. I imported my steam collection, and all games not present in the metadata.xml file (i.e.: all games without a LB Database ID) do not have any metadata (genres/notes/developer/etc).
  13. Ah! Makes sense. Thanks!
  14. I was looking at the XAML for the default startup screen, and there seems to be some support for a progress bar below the Now Loading text (binding for LoadingWidth and a grid element with a white background). Thing is -- I never saw that showing up no matter which platform or emulator I'm using. Does anyone know if I'm overlooking something? Is that working for anyone? Is it even fully implemented? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. Right now it looks like dead code to me
    This theme is fantastic. I've been using Minimal-AO since it was posted, and this new version is even better. You sir are a true scholar. A thousand thanks!
  15. Wow. My bad about Brush Roller -- i guess I'm putting too much trust in the no-intro P/C database Sounds good then! Thanks for the feedback
  16. I'm diligently tracking changes to metadata for some platforms as I'm curating my own collections. Sometimes (rarely, but sometimes), i will notice games being deleted from the Game Database for no good reasons (to the extent of my own research). I'm wondering what's the thing to do in those cases? Re-add the game again (which will cause the game to have a new ID)? Contact someone? I've noticed in the past that some games I had submitted for deletions were "accepted" and then eventually came back. The process here seems to be a bit obscure. Thoughts? Ex: I had submitted the NES game "Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas" for deletion, which is a non-existant game (as far as I could tell, there isn't even a proto of it on carts or otherwise). It was accepted, and then it came back (whatever), so bringing a game back from the dead is possible. Ex: The perfectly valid game NES game "Brush Roller" was recently deleted, and I think we need it back. I realize these are the pitfalls of crowdsourcing -- I'm just looking for guidance on how to deal with those situations. Cheers!
  17. I would be immensely grateful and willing to provide the missing functionality. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks!
  18. The more I read, the less sure I am about those last statements. The integration between an emulator and RA in determining if a ROM is valid for achievement is unclear to me at this point. Still, using known good hashes (as reported on RA) would be a near 100% positive hit when it matches. When no match found, then I guess we would have a problem (and need to fall back on something else -- manually picking from a list). It's not something that would need to happen at runtime. If a plugin did it, it would be populating an ID for use by LB. Strays could be fixed manually. Hashing larger games (such as PS1) would be a performance problem, but if done through a plugin then users could be informed and expect it. The API could be used to get the list of games per platform and then scrap the good known MD5 from the linkedhashes.php page (which might be frowned upon by RA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) At the end of the day, if we (users) could get a hook to override the default logic to provide our own ID, I'm pretty sure the community could do the rest. Bonus points if setting it to zero bypass the logic entirely (no achievements) so that we don't mismatch games that don't have achievements. Food for thoughts.
  19. The API doesn't seem to expose the hashes, which is odd.. it would have to be scrapped (not ideal, but good enough in a plugin).
  20. But RetroAchievements only works with specific hashes to begin with (that's how an emulator knows the rom is valid for a specific list of achievements: http://retroachievements.org/linkedhashes.php?g=1302 (correction -- I'd have to use MD5 over CRC32 -- same difference) Edit: I'm not here to argue, I just did my homework, and I know a thing or two about software development Sorry if I'm coming off as abrasive -- it's really not my intention...
  21. Give me the field and I'll write the plugin Edit: Even better: I'll write a plugin that match the ID based on the CRC32 of the associated ROM (along with sugesttions if not found).
  22. Heck -- I'll take any hack! I wouldn't mind populating a specific custom field if it meant it could by-pass the fuzzy matching Anyhow - thanks for acknowledging the issue. I really wish this could get worked around one way or another. Cheers!
  23. I would take that! Have an field which can be populated manually (or through other means for us who are more technically inclined), and default to fuzzy match if the field is empty. People could decide to only populate the ID for mis-matched titles if desired. The ID is easy enough to figure out (it's on the URL of the RA page).
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