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  1. haleksander

    Games stuck in "Favorites"-playlist

    I think i fixed it now. I copied all the text from the xml and created a new arcade.xml-file via Windows explorer and replacing it.
  2. haleksander

    Games stuck in "Favorites"-playlist

    If i delete say, Tetris from my Gameboy Advance-collection, it stays deleted when reseting LB/BB. Perhaps the best way is just to delete arcade.xml and start over importing all the games? I had an Emumovies-account when i originally imported the arcade games, anything i should remember doing in order to not lose the gameplay videos if i choose to go through with deleting arcade list and reimport all of them?
  3. haleksander

    Games stuck in "Favorites"-playlist

    looks like i prematurely celebrated. The game won't budge. It looks like i can't do anything with the game. I tried unchecking the "favorite" via launchbox, deleting it via launchbox, deleting the actual file, scanning for removed roms, going in the arcade xml-file removing it, but it's still in my automated favorites-playlist! Other arcade games as well. I think the arcade xml-file still contains the games when i reopen the xml-files after removing them by editing the xml via wordpad. I'm outta ideas. Any others experiencing this? I also made sure that the files aren't "read only" if that could've been a thing.
  4. I've tried searching for this, and it has probably been answered somewhere else, but i'm having problems getting the automatically created Arcade playlists to show in Bigbox AFTER clicking "Arcade". Might parent/child-playlist be a Bigbox theme-dependant thing? I'm using Cityhunter theme with the platforms scrolling horizontally in the lower thirds of the screen.
  5. haleksander

    Games stuck in "Favorites"-playlist

    Resolved! It was indeed some auto-population settings that i messed up. Thanks for the help
  6. haleksander

    Launchbox 8.8 Change Log

    I've tried searching for this, and it has probably been answered somewhere else, but i'm having problems getting the Arcade playlists to show in Bigbox AFTER clicking "Arcade". Might parent/child-playlist be a Bigbox theme-dependant thing?
  7. haleksander

    Games stuck in "Favorites"-playlist

    It is indeed an auto-populated playlist. I think i've been disabling "favorite"-toggle instead of "remove from playlist" as i understand it will reassign itself back if otherwise. I'll go check, just in case...
  8. I'm trying to remove a couple of games from my "favorites"-list but they won't leave! Mame-games. I haven't tried removing other games yet, so as of writing this, i'm not entirely sure if the problem exist across my entire collection yet. I tried doing it both in Bigbox and launchbox (waiting to see if either of them actually worked before trying the other ofc)
  9. Albeit, a having less buttons would be a lot cleaner and tidy design, but like i said, i want to check if this Ledblinky thingy is possible since i'm hoping it would help makong it less cluttery in a sense, you know So i'm still wondering if it's as "easy" as just purchasing 4x zero delay encoders (which is the same encoder i'm currently using, and that i'm quite satisfied with, since it works well with Steam vs my previous attempt with a dual Sinoarcade encoder) And 4x RGB-encoders (which ones?) for handling only the lights. Or do they all come with both light- and controller- signal handling?) I'm still very new at this 👶🏼
  10. Ah. Which encoders are you using? And are you usind Ledblinky as well? If so, combined encoder for both lights and controller input, or separate?
  11. In other words, the plan is to fully map an equivalent of say, an Xbox 360-controller (A,B,X,Y, LB, RB, LT, RT, START, SELECT) so that i can map it in Steam as a fully functional controller (minus L3 and R3) Playing Steam games without having to go into controller preferences for each game and adjust the settings in order to make it work with only 8 buttons is preferable. And by using Ledblinky, only relevant buttons would light up for each player. Hopefully, i'll rarely have to use all buttons in one game, but each player-set would still be compatible if a game would have no option for adjusting controls in case it turns out that say, RT is the unadjustable default button for sliding. I have two players with 10 buttons on my previous build (check the video) and found it practical when testing new modern games for Steam (or ps1, ps2, xbox etc)
  12. Spelunky, Towerfall, Duck Game, Mortal Kombat X, Tekken Tag Tournament and so on...
  13. Hi. Earlier this year i built a bartop arcade: ( And for my next project i want to build an pedestal arcade with 4 players. 10 buttons each. All buttons and sticks light-controlled via ledblinky. Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup? I've only seen projects consisting of uneven number of buttons for all the players, and/or having connected not as many buttons as what i'm planning. Is it posible to get 4 encoders for handling the rgb-lighting for each player, or would that be problematic? Does ledblinky handle only one encoder? I want to use separate encoders for each player's input (due to previous experiences such as giving up making Steam tackle xin-mo controllers and such)
  14. Hi! I've built a bartop arcade cabinet ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgrQeYAnecY ) to play retrogames and steam games on, but i'm having trouble making Steam play well with my "Sinoarcade" control interface (i really don't want to use xboxce360) . What control interface would you recommend that would 100% work with steam? If i remember correctly, you should be able to map any d-input controller i Steam settings "controls" and enable "Use Generic gamepad"-option in order to make Steam do the "conversion" from here. I tried mapping my Sinoarcade, but had problems mapping the analog stick x and y axis
  15. haleksander

    Good Steam games compatible with a 2P Arcade Cab

    Isn't Steam able to take Dinput-devices? By mapping them in "controls" and selecting "use generic gamepad" ? i think you should be able play every game, since Steam does the "Dinput -> Xinput-conversion" if i should call it that... I haven't figured out yet which control panel are good to use on my arcade cab. since my XIN-mo is a pain in the anus to make Steam register joystick axis in. (