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  1. How well does it work? Have you tested i.e. Gamecube? Is docking and connecting controllers as easy as it is in Nintendo stock OS ?
  2. So. I've spent the last couple of afternoons trying to configure Retroarch on my Nvidia Shield TV to let me connect n64-controllers in the 64-emulator and Sega-controllers in the sega-emulator and so on. In the process i've learned a lot more about how Retroarch works using logging to reveal destinations for generated settings files and vendor ID's for unrecognized peripherals and such As a memo to my self in case i have to do this all over again: What i did (which probably could be done a lot easier, i'm sure) is: in Settings: -User interface: (in order to reveal important settings.) - Show Advanced Settings on - Configurations: - save configuration on exit off (in order to avoid storing mistakes ) - Load content-specific core options on (not entirely sure what this actually does) - Load Override Files Automatically on (which, i guess, let's you do store separate customizations regarding screen overlay and similar stuff - Load Remap Files Automatically on (Though i ended without having to use the remap-function, since i couldn't figure out how to make it work consistently - Use Global Core Options File off - Directory: I basically made sure to adjust the paths of almost all of the folders to the part of my nvidia shield which i have windows explorer access to via network since i need to access the .cfg's. - Input: - Remap Binds for this Core on - User 1 Binds (Connecting the correct controller i had to use User 1 Bind All after decrypting button codes for the Sega/N64-controller since they differ in controller form.) by checking the log (which i recommend activating as well btw) And by checking Main Menu - Information - System Information i could learn a bit more about the device identifiers. I duplicated some other N64-controller cfg-file in the autoconfig-folder and adjusted the vendor id and button numbers accordingly. Although making sure the device identifiers is identical should make it pop up when you connect it to the next session of Retroarch. (btw. I think it's wise to properly shut down retroarch for each time you make cfg-adjustments) Quick Menu: - Made my adjustments to overlays and shaders (note, in order to store shader settings, use the "save"-function inside "Shaders"-section since this isn't a part of the "core override"-settings apparently. - Overrides - Save core overrides (i had to delete this override-file before each time i adjusted it and generated a new one. (perhaps this could be some sort of write-error on my connected 128gb USB-stick made as internal storage in Nvidia Shield settings?) Making sure the default binding is correct wasn't enough. At least not in my case. The buttons still wouldn't automap when i connected Sega/N64-controller. This might either be because i made some adjustments to some mappings that got stored in the retroarch.cfg, so i went into retroarch.cfg searched for all "input_player1_"-lines and set the ones containing "btn" (which means controller button, not a keyboard key) to "nul". This "free'd" up the default bindings for each controller and finally made things work like i wanted. Copied all my folders and backed'em up to my dropbox Like i said, this could probably've been done more effectively, and some adjustments that i listed up might be redundant/solutions to problems i created myself, but i am still kinda satisfied with myself finally making it work from a non-programmer perspective. And perhaps this might be helpful for others in similar situations while we wait for the ability to let Launchbox load separate .cfg-files for each core like in Windows.
  3. When launching a game in Launchbox on android, is it possible to load separate .cfg-files for each system, like what’s possible on Launchbox for Windows by typing in »-c coreconfigfilename.cfg« i think?) in emulator settings. This would solve the problems i am facing trying to set up my Nvidia Shield TV not having to remap the buttons each time i’m playing N64 with a N64 usb Retro-bit controller or Sega with a Sega usb Retro-bit controller each time.
  4. You're right. I too have read that. I went and bought it. 50 days to decide whether to keep it or return it to store. Now begins testing with Launchbox (which will decide its faith)
  5. I'm very intrigued. I think i will be getting it on Switch, despite receiving a bit of criticism for handling multiple controllers a bit wonky (according to... Kotaku, i think?) However, in order to get my local gaming crew interested (since they only want to play Smash Ultimate or Mario Kart or any other first-party Nintendo games) i need to introduce this game very carefully.
  6. I've built an bartop arcade and placed it in my office running bigbox. Now and then, my coworkers do some quick rounds of either Mario Kart GC or perhaps a arcade'y Steam game, as this thing is set up to play most consoles. My question: since it doesn't exclusively play arcade games, where you need to "insert coin" to play, is there some way to kind of implement the need to insert a coin to play ie. Super Mario World? I realize this might be somewhat naive, but i just wanted to check if there are some suggestions. One Bigbox-feature suggestion (which might ruin the "insert coin"-concept in arcade games) is a "play timer" at the front-end level which would "unlock" the games. When the "play timer" runs out, the game pauses and an overlay (using similar assets as the startup and pause screens) shows "insert coin to play" or "continue?" with a timer that runs out before exiting back to Bigbox and locking the games. The "insert coin"-prompt could either come after selecting a game, or perhaps an "insert coin"-overlay could desaturates/dims the Bigbox game selection. User-adjustable overlays/prompts/lock screens Or perhaps there is some third-party "always on top"-app that might do something similar? Btw. Does this coin acceptor seem ok ? https://www.digitalimpuls.no/diverse/142741/coin-acceptor--programmable-4-coin-type-myntmål-diam-15-29mm-bredde-12-38mm
  7. I just now learned that nvidia shield apparently works pretty good for an emulation-box!. I do have bigbox on my desktop PC in my gaming room, but apparently i play retro games elsewhere rather than in my gaming den where Steam games get prioritized. since Nvidia shield seems portable enough so that i can bring it along when visiting friends, and with hopes of getting Bigbox on it eventually, it seems like an obvious purchase. BUT, after researching online, i've come a cross several rumours for the next nvidia shield model which might not be too far away. I will mainly be using this shield for retrogaming (gamecube, being the highest tier) and streaming games off my PC. Should i wait? Will the recent model get a price deduction? Will the nbext device do emulation and game streaming even better? Some rumours mention Google Stadia, but since i do have capable gaming PC's at my house, it isn't that interesting Sorry for writing an unnecessary long post just to ask that one simple question.
  8. So far i’ve placed 4x 8bitdo Sfc30pro-controllers and 4x Xbone controllers on 3D-printed wall mounts using 3m-tape. I use these when playing om my bigbox-running high end pc desktop. I’ve long thought about mounting ps1-controllers, N64, Sega, NES-controllers, Joysticks as well, and i’ve been wondering would it technically be possible to use Ledblinky to «highlight» the controllers depending on what game is selected in bigbox? (Ps1-games would light up my ps1-controllers) Or does ledblinky require further wiring to buttons rather than just being rgb-lights?
  9. Thanks. Renaming them fixed the problem. I also had to move all video and image files for the games in the newly created folders for the renamed consoles.
  10. When i install custom themes which include backgrounds for each platform, some of the platforms get the default background rather than the (in my case:) the Commodore Amiga cd 32, and the Microsoft Windows background. I think i know why this is happening as i checked the metadata for those two platforms and realize that almost all fields are empty. But the "Scrape as"-field has the correct platform selected. Which field is nescessary for custom themes to know what platform it is? I have two Bibgbox setups, and this problem is only affecting the oldest one (about 3 years old i think)
  11. I think i fixed it now. I copied all the text from the xml and created a new arcade.xml-file via Windows explorer and replacing it.
  12. If i delete say, Tetris from my Gameboy Advance-collection, it stays deleted when reseting LB/BB. Perhaps the best way is just to delete arcade.xml and start over importing all the games? I had an Emumovies-account when i originally imported the arcade games, anything i should remember doing in order to not lose the gameplay videos if i choose to go through with deleting arcade list and reimport all of them?
  13. looks like i prematurely celebrated. The game won't budge. It looks like i can't do anything with the game. I tried unchecking the "favorite" via launchbox, deleting it via launchbox, deleting the actual file, scanning for removed roms, going in the arcade xml-file removing it, but it's still in my automated favorites-playlist! Other arcade games as well. I think the arcade xml-file still contains the games when i reopen the xml-files after removing them by editing the xml via wordpad. I'm outta ideas. Any others experiencing this? I also made sure that the files aren't "read only" if that could've been a thing.
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