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  1. It opened! TYSM!! so i know now to not have any foreign files in the data folder
  2. plz help. i do have a database and i ran LB & BB once before starting CTC. i still get this screen everytime. im trying to edit the coverbox theme with the theme files. i placed them in the correct folder (I guess) what am i missing here? i tried this on three different PCs to no avail.....
  3. would we be able to add our own Jpeg in-between this startup? i was thinking of using this and adding my own Jpeg with the controls for that particular game ya know?
  4. would you happen to have the custom options.txt thats missing also sir?
  5. im getting this problem right now I'm using a 1920x1080, 100% scaling, single monitor setup. as well
  6. Wondering if we could do that. Was looking for a sweet thumbnail in discovery center that would say launch random game or something...
  7. do i have to wait 24 hours or something? im still playing and they are not updating. Is there an update button for hi-schore refresh. ive always been connected to the cloud database but i dont see my name
  8. Hey all. i was in the discovery center, went to the compete for high scores section, played a game, entered my initials, but i dont see my name in the hi score list. I at least beat the lowest guy on the game. do i have to wait 24 hours or something?
  9. is there anyway i can use Attract Mode With Fullscreen Video Snaps & My Personal Music? i wanted to be in bigbox, and if it becomes idle for a while, attract mode would start playing random video snaps in full screen and playing Music until i press a button and everything returns to normal. is there anyway that can be accomplished? thank you in advance.
  10. Just wanted to know Could We Possibly Use Switch Joy-cons As Mouse for lightgun games, dance games In Teknoparrot? is so, what do we need? it doesnt require a mayflash bar and works for dolphin emulators and such. I got it working through X input but i could not figure out how to use motion controls. Thanks.
  11. i do see a section called storyboard trigger. but i would not know where to begin to type the needed words to make the video load faster
  12. I'm using the new default theme and it's great but I kinda hate it has like a 1 second delay before it shows the video. The sound plays immediately but the video waits 1 second maybe and then it shows. Can I change this to immediately make my videos show up? bandicam 2023-07-24 18-38-05-894.mp4
  13. Definitely In keyboard Mode using 1256qwertyghjklzxcvbop, enter, and escape only. Results Adding your line SetKeyDelay, 100, 50 Results are exactly as the same video above after applying this script
  14. correct. my actual arcade cabinet with usb keyboard and I-pac encoder In the 2nd video, i clicked on it manually with my mouse. i was just showing you it has the same results whether im in launchbox or not The set Key delay was already at the top. I just forgot to copy that part by accident. the results are the recent videos above.
  15. @JoeViking245@skizzosjtafter adding that script results 2.mp4 I added that msg box on another script, a little box comes in the middle of the screen saying all the msgs i typed. But it appeared behind launchbox even though i have startup disabled and alt and enters and directions went all over the place except for keyboard splitter. Here Is Me running the script and waiting W/O Launchbox involved. results 3.mp4 Still Not grabbing.
  16. @JoeViking245 I Still don't understand what this means.... Or how i would begin to type this Yes the window is in focus. Its the active window. I added that winactivate thing u said. Hope i typed and placed it correctly. The shortcut is named Keyboard Splitter TMNT This Is What my Active And Non Active Window Looks Like After Adding That Line, this is the video results.mp4 I can press the keys manually. it just wont work automatically
  17. @JoeViking245@skizzosjt wondering if u could help me with one more thing....I created the script for a practice fun for use on my pc and i just transitioned over to my actual arcade. Im now running the script and it works the same bc i see it moving on a notepad. But i cant get it to focus on the program. even though the window is in focus. i changed the script at the beginning and extended the length it takes to begin and still nothing. the script runs and dissapears like its supposed to but it doesnt make the movements. works on other windows like notepad, browser, File explorer, etc My keyboard works fine and i can do the movements manually.....just cant get it to focus on the keyboard splitter program, even though its in focus. i disable startup also. i couldnt find this. the script is working the same though. its even doing the alt +F4 at the end on other windows. Just Not that window. Sample.mp4 as u can see it focuses on other windows just not that one.
  18. So Here is the Script at the end. Thank You guys.
  19. Holy s#!t. It was exactly what u said. everything works now. BTW, this is a perfect way to make games like SOR 4, TMNT shredders revenge, Etc work with keyboard controls for an arcade setting Thank you very much @JoeViking245 and @skizzosjt! u guys are wonderful. @JoeViking245 thank you for helping me simplify my script. I did'nt know u could add a 4 beside the direction prompt! Skizzosjt Suggestion WIth Joe Viking Script Result.mp4 Skizzosjt Suggestion With JoeViking245 Script Result
  20. @JoeViking245 Script results: i changed the 1000 to 3000 to give it more time. didnt know if i needed to add a comma to the sleep 1000 and sleep 2000 so i made a script with the commas and without. JoeViking Script Results.mp4 the window is highlighted after exiting game on your script video and mine and i can manually push the tab key and make it move to ok, the script isn't just doing it yet. still stopping at same area.
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