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  1. Hey... the only solution for me that worked 100% is to go back to windows 7. For me windows 10 + Bigbox + nvidia, did not run well
  2. Now its working... i reinstalled the 9.5 update. Thx
  3. I tried to defrag as well... didnt work, on my windows 7 BigBox Works like charm... as soon i updated to Windows 10 this problem started. any thoughts ? thx in advance
  4. same thing here, LB runs ok but BB no way baby. Im running on windows 10, nvidia drivers was removed and i installed the basic drivers for my video card. But no luck... can you please help ?
    Amazing !!! this looks great on my BigBox !!! thanks a lot !!! keep the good work going !!!
  5. Hi all... im still facing this issue, i have a geforce gt430.. drivers all updated. most of time launch box works great...i was playing some minutes ago... tired few games and when choose to exit i was brought back to launchbox with no issues... and then i tried mortal kombat for example... when i quit the game i got a black screen..i can hear im still inside launchbox... but only black screen...i have to start the game and then exits again and now i got the menu back. It seems it do not load the menu or something. im thinking about doing a reinstall the lanchbox... but is there any way to do a clean install without removing all my setups and images ..videos ..etc ? thx !!!!
  6. Thx Rayoke Nice !!! Amazing intro ! this will be my intro now πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  7. Hi guys !! and its doooone ... this is my second build, really proud for this one sice i took a long time to do it . Launchbox fit like glove on this arcade ... i like to thanks the launchbox people for the great tutorials and ideias !!! Lets play !!! 😁
  8. Hi all... first of all thanks for this great software... looks amazing on my cabinet. The problem that im facing is random.... i mean... when im playing a game inside launchbox, it can be any emulator. when i exit this emulator sometimes i got a black screen. I know im in the launchbox menu because i can hear the sounds... this happen random as i said... and to fix.. i enter the game and exit again, an this time works. Did anyone face this issue specifically ? Thanks all !!!!
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