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    I was looking for something a little different, this set fits that very well. In between simple and overloaded. Thanks to y2guru for sharing.
  1. Thank you. Got to get out of here. Maybe we can chat again sometime.
  2. One of the selling points on my getting Bigbox was that it would almost set itself up, maybe a little exaggeration. Fact is i'm a NOOBS, maybe later down the road i can get into more advanced setups.
  3. It was just something I thought looked interesting. I think I would rarely use any of the options it provides. I think I will just stick with Unbroken from now on. Especially since coming on here, my first time. I'll just head this way next time I have trouble instead of watching different YouTube videos
  4. AS the saying goes, I know just enough to get screwed up. I learn at every mistake.
  5. Yeah this is where I started. ETA PRIME is who got me started on Launchbox. I should have just stayed here, but using Rocketlauncher which I am also new to sounded interesting.
  6. I've been watching to many videos. I started with a hybrid 2.5 Seagate. then i saw another that said to be sure and keep emulators on another partition. So I started about three times on my laptop. Just wanted to get it right before going to the desktop.
  7. Thank you both so much for the help. I can put my favorite themes on the ssd if I have room and everything else on my hdds. It is what I needed to know.
  8. The game performance is what I was looking at.
  9. Thanks, that gives me a place to start.
  10. Do you keep your emulators and roms in the Launchbox program folder also?
  11. I have a new computer build with 250GB M.2 SSD (largest I can afford at this time) and WD Black 5TB HDD. I need to place emulators, roms, bios, etc in different partitions. What should be on the SSD to get best performance. Could really use the advice. Thanks
  12. I hope someone has an answer for you. I have a 250GB M.2 SSD and lots of hdd's. I need to know what should be on the SSD. I can't afford larger SSD.
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