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  1. In my opinion, it's one of the cleanest themes on BigBox. I love the focus on the box art. Here's hoping you decide to update it, I'm sure you could make it even better!
  2. Will this platform ever get an update? It's great, and would be awesome to see it improved further with the newest version of BigBox.
  3. Do you have a Daphne specific image that uses a Dragon's Lair arcade cabinet? I'd love to have that cab instead of the generic one. Amazing work by the way!
  4. Does anyone want to take on the very fun and rewarding task of converting RL Fade in/out screens for LB? I know I'd be eternally grateful...ha.
  5. Darn. Anyone planning on taking the RL fade in/out screens and converting them over to Launchbox? The RL system specific screens are so nice! I just hate RL...I seem to break it every time I change anything in an emulator.
  6. Is there anyway to use the Rocket launcher fade in/out screens here? I'd love to migrate those images over so I can finally get rid of rocket launcher.
  7. Anyway to get Platform logo while in the gamelist? Love the theme by the way!
  8. Awesome! I really love the theme, thanks! My main request would be to either remove the cells or make them look a bit more modern for a cleaner look.
  9. What are your thoughts on a revision that either removes the cells (boxes) that contain the images and text. Or maybe round the edges of the cells to give it a more modern look? I love this theme, but the cells seem a bit too harsh, if that makes sense.
  10. I changed the wheel so it is moves straight, up and down as opposed to curved. (easier for me to read the game titles as they move) Is there a way to decrease the size of the pointer? It is now covering the game titles.
  11. Great theme! Is there any way to remove the "halo effect" on game list? While it looks cool, I find it harder to read the game titles. Thanks!
  12. Too bad. It would be a great feature. It would be nice for Bigbox to pull a video from a generic platform folder if it doesn't find a video in the game folder. Much like the generic bezel used in rocketlauncher when a Mame rom doesn't have a game specific bezel.
  13. Is this possible? Instead of an empty box when there isn't a game video, is it possible to play that platform's video instead?
  14. Thanks forced the update and got the module back. Unfortunately I have no idea how to set up properly with in rocketlauncher. I currently have the games loading from a .bat file in Launchbox. Seems to work fine. But I'd definitely rather have the bezels and easier exiting with Rocketlauncher.
  15. Where can I find the ScummVM Module? I don't seem to have one on my current Rocketlauncher. Thanks!
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