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  1. Thanks a lot for keeping the share of nonag exe
  2. Thanks i was looking fir my AKNF build, randam videos at start
  3. Sorry, i didnt take the time to write a comment to say thank you for your release of the nonag version of mame thanks a lot
  4. @jophran & @retro808 Thanks for your answer, next time i will know. But its weird that you are able to modify all video link with only file.
  5. Hello Guys, I made a mistake. I would like to view my platform video, games etc in Launchbox just to check if they work before going in BigBox. 'Cause i change my folder and etc of one of my categorie the folder was not correct. Ok, no probs, goind to Bulk Edit with selecting all my game and Ctrl+E. Field i would like to change : VideoPath Change the value to the folder, it said he need the name of a file, ok no prob, i put the first one agallet... thinking it just need to know to be sure. What i did... It change the value for all my games... Next time, i will do it with Notepad+ and just replace what i need. So hopefully, the backup folder is here So, maybe it could be nice to change this thing to dont have in future any trouble like this? To be able to change just the folder? (It was on 9.0, i didnt retest it :p)
  6. 😍😍😍 Lovely! Ahah, thanks for your help and sorry if it was ask before It works now, thanks a lot So now, go understand why my 3dbox are like this! I've got another trouble but its not from the theme, i dont know why my Bigbox start sometimes on screen 1 and not on 2 as a select in the settings. I will invistigate. @Retro808
  7. Hello retrofangamers Freshly on Bigbox i try to make this as nice as i want... but i cant... I download the theme Unified Redux + v1.4 and try to configure it with theme video but i dont know why, i've got the picture. If you have any idea, i take My theme video are on the place for video, but i would like to have in fullscreen, not in a box. Thanks in advance, Cheers
  8. @reevesad Hi, thanks for your work. Sadly i'm unable to unzip the pack with 7.zip. i will try with another one.
  9. Yes you right ! 😂 Ready to help if you need @Ateb
  10. Thanks for your work guys. I m looking for bezel on retroarch for FBA core on Windows for my little build I made to play with my friend. I will share it on APunks. I don't know if the bezel project will handle this. But for console it's really nice.
  11. Hi guys Sorry to up this post, but is there a way to have the netplay retroarch on my rightclick? as i could see on youtube video from the version 8.0? I dont have this possibility on mine... thanks for your help Edit : Ok, i found whats wrong, i had to have a retroarch emulator configurate, as retroarch, not rename for my playlist
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