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  1. My bad. I'll only use Rockertlauncher because of the many bezels available. I'll play with rocket launcher ans see what I can come up with. Or I may just try to do it thru Retroarch and bypass the bezels Thank you so much for your help
  2. Yes Sir. If I put the games back in the MSX folder, they work fine. I checked Rockerlauncher and they are pointing to the right folders. Could the dashes or another character be causing they problem?
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I've done that several times. The error message reads Your Systemname: Microsoft MSX - Games - [CAS] is not one of the known systems for for this Retroarch module: Retroarch
  4. Getting close to the 10,000 games imported. I have started to split my games up into small bite size categories and have encountered a problem. When I just had one category for a platform,(Example - MSX) Retroarch worked with no problem Now that I have split the platform up I get an error. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Example: I have a platform named: Microsoft MSX - Games - [CAS]. When I try to load it thru Retroarch, I get an error message saying that the platform is not a known system under Retroarch. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Dragon57 Your silver ring sets are awesome. I have a request Please. I have Collections by year 1970 thru 2020. Could a set be made for these. I have attached my ones for 70's, 80's, and 90's. These contain all Mame Games for those periods.. But would like one for each year., as I also have collections for MAME by Year. !970 Collection, 1971 Collection etc. Thank you very much 70s Collection.7z 80s Collection.7z 90s Collection.7z
  6. When I start Launchbox, It asks do I want to update to a newer beta. If I say no , it it starts and works fine. If I say yes ,right before it completes I receive a error message saying it cannot delete several files to update to the new version. then aborts. if I don't update neither Bigbox or Launchbox next will open. Fixed - Had already done a reboot with no results. Checked my drive and I was down to less then 10g. Moved some files and increased size to 40g. Update fine
  7. Great. Thank you. Going to spend a few hours and look for artwork and try and get a few more systems running under MAME
  8. Have you uploaded the videos yet. Just finished searching for the Game gear games and imported what I found so far to LB
  9. Would be nice. The 2 platforms I listed above are only about 85 megs each. Just not sure how I could share them with you.
  10. here are directory prints of the 2 platforms you asked about Sega Mega Drive (NonGood).txt Sega Mega Drive (Russian Unlicensed).txt
  11. This morning I got my second 8tb drive hooked up and now have games on 2 different drive running thru Launchbox at the same time. This will allow me to start adding some more platforms to my setup as well as increasing the number of games in some of my newer platforms.
  12. Look like you are the one I owe thanks too for the spreadsheet, I started with. Love the way you are doing these. can you share the logos etc. I have 2 Sega Mega drive category that I don't see in your spread sheet. Sega Mega Drive (Russian Unlicensed) 89 games & Sega Mega Drive (NonGood) 106 games
  13. Spreadsheet not completely up to date. I spend more time searching for games and getting them to run thru Launchbox then keeping it up to date. I use someone's spreadsheet that was posted here a while back. I thank them who ever it was. I have and continue to modify it . Would be awesome if one day we had one database and Launchox would check a platform against what you have and tell you what you are missing. Checked and currently have over 500 systems. Many of them are ran thru Mame. I have only imported about half. Systems.xlsx
  14. Would you like me to up the spreadsheet. I am am adding and taking out a few systems as we speak but i n a bit I can up it for you. Wanting to add some things like flash games currently looking for some.
  15. Don't have a lot of the games for the newer systems. WII, WII U Ps2, PS3, 3ds. I set up separate Platforms until nested folders appears. I do have them setup, just not a lot of games. Close to 8tb. Going to start setting some of the bigger systems up on a separate drive and set folders in rockerlauncher so I will have games on 2 separate drives. Have a number of mess systems I want to set up thru mame. I have game counts setup. I believe. It shows the game count when I scroll to a system. Is that what you need? Wanting to add Flash games and several others. Am working on a spreadsheet Happy to share whatever I can.
  16. Currently setting at 70,000. No dupes. The one thing I do have is for most of my systems, I have sub categories for homebrews, hacks, conversions and prototypes. These categories are forever growing and many of them are fun to play.
  17. Running all thru rocketlauncher and retroarch
  18. What are the global keys for switching bezels while in a game
  19. Running mine thru mame and rocketlauncher and have no problems
  20. @Detran, loving you logos. It may be too much too ask. but on my system, I have playlists for 70's,80's, & 90;s, I have logos for these. See attached. I also have each broken down by individual years. 1970 collection, 1971 Collection etc. I have these though 2020. Would love to have your talent create logos for them.
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