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  1. No that made no difference , Game run fine out of launchbox
  2. I have redone mame for 2.01 and it hasn't added all games (still loads at 10500) from a merged set , but is missing a game called Monster Maulers (a little late konami gem i enjoy) , Won't add as a blanket scan for new roms or as individual? Any fix or ideas how to add?
  3. Just tick the box in emulator for extract rom OK i have to go off the game then on a few time to download, but seems to now work so thank you very much for your time guys!
  4. Tekken 5 is great now best it's ever looked I tried soul caliber 3 again and got this
  5. Suikoden 5 was iso but now I have got tekken 5 to download which is 7z, real head scratcher
  6. Does it need to be a certain path as the emu is in pcsx2 1.5.0 34433663 folder for instance(the latest build number)
  7. Just normal stuff like soul calibre 3 ,tekken 5 etc. Very odd. Tried admin mode ,anti virus. I am using the latest pcsx2 build would it be that maybe? It does flash up sometimes then disapeers
  8. Use remote settings is greyed out (on everything except Suikoden 5!) Any clues how to fix? Edit 1: Think i now know the issue , Doesn't support zipped/7z? Edit 2: Not sure if thats the problem
  9. Hi, Am i missing something and not understanding whats supposed to happen , i run the config and i get the blade runner box thing come up which i click yes (although it doesn't look likes it's doing anything) when i play soul caliber 3 it works but has lines down it because i believe it only works in software mode properly , do i need to change that myself or should the auto-config fix that?
  10. Silly question but where do the unified videos go?
  11. Ok i have an issue, I had PCSX2 working fine, And played Soul caliber 3 which worked but had lines down the screen and needed to load into software mode, So i saw these and thought great idea , i'll try that once installed nothing worked or would crash , i decided fine not for me and delete the config as it didnt work for me, Now nothing works still , I have used a fresh PCSX2 and still nothing, After messing around i managed to get it working out of launchbox but in lauchbox i get a plugin not installed message? , Any ideas? EDiT : sorry everything works in laumchbox apart from soulcaliber 3 (which works outside of it) and thats th eonlu config i tried. I have deleted the ini files for that will they be somewhere else also? I've fixed it. Config were in each game obviously
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