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  1. Hello fellow Launchboxers! I ran into an issue where I restored Launchbox and I thought I lost all of my previous "Favorites". Luckily I backed up my old Launchbox to another folder and was able to find the XMLs that contained my favorites data! I was experimenting with parsing these files with Windows Powershell and since I found the syntax I figured I'd share it here in case anyone runs into a similar issue. # For my example I wanted to get a list of of games I selected as my "Favorites" The Favorites are stored in the Platform XML files under your "Launchbox_Directory\Data\Platforms" folder # Here you are adding the xml file you want to parse and store it into memory PS F:\Programs\LaunchBox_old\Data\Platforms> [xml]$xmlDocument = Get-Content .\Arcade.xml # This next command will look for all the games where Favorite is "true" and it will only print out the titles (instead of all the xml data) PS F:\Programs\LaunchBox_old\Data\Platforms> $xmlDocument.LaunchBox.Game | where-object {$_.Favorite -eq "true"} | Select-Object Title Title ----- Caveman Ninja Arkanoid Alien vs. Predator Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Tron Gun Force II Tempest Gun.Smoke Pole Position Centipede Hopefully this will help some people out there and you can get creative with other parsing as well using the various fields in the xml. Another example could be: $xmlDocument.LaunchBox.Game | where-object {$_.PlayMode -eq "2-Player Simultaneous"} | Select-Object Title To get a list of all 2-player simultaneous games for that platform. Just something small I figured out to hopefully add to the wealth of knowledge on here.
  2. Sweet! Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ll check it out!
  3. Hello chiming in here. Since I'm in the same situation. Most of my windows games were imported via Steam/GOG, etc. I understand the "Edit AutoHotKey script for Windows games" is not mean for Steam games. I can add an autohotkey per game using the method in the screenshot below, but I can't seem to do this in a bulk fashion. Can anyone help?
  4. Hi @Gimpy I am VERY interested in your solution. I'm in a similar situation where I need to launch explorer after launching my custom winlogon shell script which starts up big box. I need explorer since I am utilizing Spotify in my build (long story) this is achievable but It's stealing focus as you mentioned. Would you mind posting your bat file?
  5. @Equation & @Eddieh1979 I’ve been having this same issue (happens about half the time) what were your fixes if any?
  6. Yes I was looking for this feature as well. I can put my menu button on my cabinet to use to launch the options page while in Big Box. I'll give it a vote!
  7. Actually the problem isn’t as big as I expected. So I think this point is moot. The Simpsons and a few others start with the four player ROM.
  8. Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this on the forums. Is there a way for me to prioritize 4 player versions of MAME ROMS similar to how I prioritize USA ROMS within Launchbox? An example: by default Launchbox wanted to load a two player version of TMNT, so I had to edit the entry to make the four player version the default version. Now I guess I could go into each game one by one to do the same for all the other 4 player games but I was wondering if there is an easier solution. Keep up the great work Launchbox dev team!
  9. Thanks for the list @kidshoalin Also if you would also like the auto-generate playlist based on controls feature, someone made a feature request for it. I voted for it and recommend you and anyone else who would like to auto-generate playlists for controls vote for it too! https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2980/game-data-base-game-controller-statistics
  10. I noticed the LaunchBox games DB doesn’t seem to have a section for specialized controls, e.g. Spinner, trackball, light gun, etc. If these fields were available and accessible by LaunchBox, we could generate auto-populating playlists, Spinner games, trackball games etc. Maybe an idea for the next round of features request @Jason Carr?
  11. Excellent news! Can’t wait! I can definitely test in the beta when introduced.
  12. Hello Launchbox team! What are the chances of this feature coming into a near future release? " Add Alternate Names, Game Type, Max Players, Wikipedia Link, and Video Link fields from the LaunchBox Games Database to LaunchBox " as it seemed to win 8th place according to this tally by @Jason Carr I'm particular interested in having the app incorporate the "Max Players" and the "Cooperative" fields so I can auto-populate my playlists for console 2 player and 4 player games. This feature would be very useful to me and from what I'm finding on the forums for a lot of others too and hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to implement.
  13. @LogicalEgo Any updates on the random background videos? This would be a killer feature to mix-things up!
  14. 2560 x 1440 , not sure how to find my DPI setting. Thanks again!
  15. Hello Mr. Retrolust! I'm loving your theme! Just a few questions: 1. What clear logos are you using? They look great! 2. The vertical_view_4 is not showing the marquee for me or is this by design? 3. For some reason the resolution of my options page is off, how could I fix that? 3. I'm loving the two different CRT TVs you have in the horizontal views, any plans to do vertical versions of these? Keep up the great work! Best Regards, Richard
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