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X68000 - Mess Tutorial


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Hi and thanks for your tuto.

My x68000 games are working with MESS but I have a problem with controls.

I st controls through MESS but I have only up and down working and almost no button.

I tried the in game pad option (3 or 6 bouton megadrive) but its not better.

I have the qanba Q4raf and the 360 pad, none are working.

What controllers do you use for x68000 emulation theough MESS ?

You dont have any controller issues ?

Thanks a lot

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I'll take a look at it later and see what it's like.

Ok, now that I have had a little time to look into this and I cannot get multi disk games to load. I read over the github page here https://github.com/libretro/px68k-libretro and nothing I see there that would indicate how to make them work is working for me. I tried making .cmd files pointing to disk images like the following says to do.

retroarch -L px68k_libretro.so ./content.cmd (cmdfile is a text file contening cmd like "px68k /somewhere/software/x68000/content1.dim /somewhere/software/x68000/content2.dim")

Hopefully with some time this will become easier or work if it isn't really working already. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I tried everything I could think of with no luck beyond a black screen with some Japanese text and nothing beyond that.

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